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Analogic 2103 Otro
Modelo: 2103
Fecha: 1998
Categoría: Los instrumentos de medición
Grupo: Otro
Descripción: Electronic Load

The Model 2103 A Electronic Load is a self-contained modular
DC load which provides a flexible cost effective solution
for many power test applications. Combined with a
programmable AC source and some supervisory software/PC
computer, it becomes a “mini-tester” for multiple output
switching and linear power supplies. The 2103A contains a
sophisticated new control and measuring system which may be
operated via the front panel or reported over the GPIB bus
with an optional IEEE-488 Interface.

Available with 8 channels, this unit is an ideal solution
for high volume burn-in applications. In addition to
constant current and constant resistance modes of operation,
the 2103A has some dynamic capabilities.


The multi-channel electronic load unit is available with 8
channels. Each channel provides up to 50 amps, 250 watts
with voltages ranging between 4 to 150 VDC and is
independently configurable. Two basic modes of operation are
available on each channel: constant current and constant
resistance. Load configuration options allow the user to
define exactly what is needed for a particular test problem.
Fox example, constant current and constant resistance modes
as well as external modulation are user selectable.

Channels may be paralleled to increase the current handling
capability to 400 amps or 2000 watts per electronic load.

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Chapter 1 — Introduction and Overview

Description of Product
 ... 1-1

 ... 1-1

Model 2103 Block
Diagram ... 1-2

Front Panel Keyboard
Description ... 1-4

Chapter 2 — Product Specifications

Dimensions and Weight
 ... 2-1

Operating Conditions
 ... 2-1

Current Mode
 ... 2-1

Resistive Mode
 ... 2-1

Measurement ... 2-2

Measurement ... 2-2

External Modulation
Interface ... 2-3

Analog Measurement
Out ... 2-3

Chapter 3 — Installation

Model 2103 Rear Panel Description
 ... 3-1

Load Interface and Remote Sense Connectors
 ... 3-2

Input Power
Requirements ... 3-3

Chapter 4 — Operating Instructions

Local (front panel)
Operation ... 4-1

Remote (GPIB) Operation
(optional) ... 4-3

Chapter 5 — Calibration
 ... 5-1

Appendix A — Unit Schematics
 ... A-l

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