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JBL 6011 Amplificador
Modelo: 6011
Fecha: 1978
Categoría: Audio, Video, Televisión, Multimedia
Grupo: Amplificador
Descripción: Monophonic Power Amplifier
                                    Architectural Specifications

The Amplifier shall be single channel with an input gain
control and an output level meter on the front panel. The
Amplifier shall accommodate an unbalanced high impedance
input, or a balanced low impedance input with an optional
plug-in accessory transformer.

The Amplifier shall be capable of delivering a minimum of
100 W, continuous sine wave, 20 Hz-20 kHz, into a 4 O load.
(6011: The Amplifier shall incorporate an output transformer
allowing full power operation,

35 Hz-20 kHz, into an 8 f2,16 O or 70.7 V line as well as a
direct output terminal for a 4 O load.) (6012: No output
transformer and only a direct output terminal shall be
provided, but it shall be possible to install an output
transformer easily at any time.)

The Amplifier shall have < 0.2% THD, 20 Hz-20 kHz, @ 100 W,
direct output. (6011: The Amplifier shall have < 0.2% THD,
35 Hz-20 kHz, @ 100 W, transformer output.) Frequency
response shall be ± 0.5 dB,

20 Hz-20 kHz, @ 1 W. Power bandwidth shall be 10 Hz-40 kHz.

Construction of the Amplifier shall be modular. The entire
Amplifier circuit, except for the power supply (6011: and
output transformer) shall be mounted on a single circuit
board attached to the heat sink, which assembly shall be
removable from the unit with the mainframe still mounted in
a rack. Cables connecting the circuit board to the mainframe
shall be of a length sufficient to allow removal of the
board without disconnection and shall disconnect easily at
two plugs. The Amplifier shall occupy three standard EIA
rack spaces and shall operate on 120/240 VAC, 50/60 Hz.

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Installation and Service Manual

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