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Datron Instruments 4920 Multímetro digital
Datron Instruments
Modelo: 4920
Fecha: 1991
Categoría: Los instrumentos de medición
Grupo: Multímetro digital
Descripción: Alternating Voltage Measurement Standard
                                    Designed with Standards and Calibration laboratories in
mind, the 4920 provides extremely high performance in AC
Voltage measurement, combined with ease of use.

Standard and Optional Measurement Facilities Basic Configuration

The 4920 is a high-quality Alternating Voltage Measurement
Standard. Its basic configuration offers the following
measurement capabilities:

•	High Accuracy mode - RMS AC Voltage measurement in eight
ranges from 90mV to 1100V; 1Hz to 1MHz; 1-year
specifications to ±30ppm.

Input Impedance > 200H/V. Display resolution to lOOnV maximum.

•	Transfer mode - Ranges and resolution as ACV. AC/DC or
AC/AC transfers performed faster and more easily than with
normal thermal transfer devices..

•	Millivolt Ranges (Option 10) - Measurements from Q.9mV to
llOmV in four ranges.

•	Menu Control - flexible and easy to use.

•	Calibration - Autocal external calibration.

•	Remote Control - Fully IEEE-488.2 programmable.

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