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Dual 839 RC Grabadora
Modelo: 839 RC
Categoría: Audio, Video, Televisión, Multimedia
Grupo: Grabadora
Descripción: Cassette Deck
                                    Dual precision and versatility perfectly expressed.
Unrestricted auto/reverse in recording and playback, full
metal capability and optional wireless remote control.
While the other three Dual cassette decks outperform
competitive models, the 839 RC can be compared only with
your own conception of the ideal deck. The 839 continues to
add features after all other decks are finished.

For example, automatic reverse. When a C-90 cassette reaches
the end of its first side—45 minutes later—that really is
the end for other decks. For the 839 it's only the halfway
point. Whether in recording or in playback, the tape
automatically reverses and resumes the pre-set desired mode
for another 45 minutes. And it can be set to play continuously.

Thanks to its computer-logic solenoid-activated controls,
the convenience of the Direct Load and Lock system is
extended further. If the tape is nearing the end and the
music you're recording has no break, you can remove and
replace the cassette in less than two seconds—and the record
mode continues automatically. In fact, any operating
mode—play or fast wind—resumes automatically when you change
a cassette. Another fine touch: any slack in the tape is
automatically taken up before the drive begins.

Variable pitch control adds another dimension of
versatility. If you'd like to play a live instrument to tape
accompaniment, you have an 8 percent tuning range for the
tape. (That's a lot easier than tuning a piano.) And if a
tape made on another deck sounds too flat or too Sharp, the
839 can fix that, too.

For recording a program when you're away from the house, the
839 is designed for operation via an external timer. And to
operate the deck while you're in the
house, but across the room, there's optional wireless remote
control. The infra-red technology and PCM principles used
prevent any interference with other electronic devices in
the home.

The 839's drive system employs two DC servo motors and Dual
capstans in a closed-loop drive system. This is one reason
why the 839's performance is identical in both directions.
Another is that the record/playback head has four gaps and
does not change positions when drive reverses; it switches

Electronic fade/edit, variable Headphone level, line/ mic
mixing, equalized peak-reading LED record-level indicators,
six-way bias/equalization (including metal), switchable
overload protection, switchable multiplex filter and two-way
memory with automatic play—and Direct Load and Lock, of
course—round out the 839's astonishing range of features.

But all these aren't quite as important as the quality of
the results: how tapes sound when made and played back on
the 839. The major specifications will give you a hint. Wow
and flutter is ±0.03 percent, about the limits of test
instruments. Frequency response goes all the way ±3 dB from
20 Hz to 20 kHz. Signal-to-noise is better than 69 dB.

We realize you have just read a lot of information about
cassette decks. Wre hope we've described our four new models
in a way that helps you decide which one best meets your
requirements. Even so, we suggest you see and compare these
decks with others your Dual dealer carries. Then you will be
totally convinced that your next deck will be a Dual.

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