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Cornell Dubilier Electronics CDE CD-44 Antena
Cornell Dubilier Electronics
Modelo: CDE CD-44
Categoría: Radio, Comunicación
Grupo: Antena
Descripción: Rotor System
                                    CD-44 rotor system is designed to accommodate light amateur
and C.B. antennas with a maximum of 25 square feet of wind
area. The CD-44 provides a full 360° range of rotation and a
meter scale read out for accurate position indication,

The CD-44 is built along the general lines of the original
CDE type rotator. The weight of the upper mast and the
Antenna is corned directly in line with the lower supporting
mast. The motor, radial and thrust bearings, armature/disc
brake., gear train, and indicating sensor are built into the
elongated bell shaped cast aluminium housing.

The CD-44 brake is a disc type built into the bottom portion
of the motor armature. With the motor at rest, no power
applied, the disc brake is engaged by virtue of the weight
of the motor armature. When power is applied to the motor,
the armature lifts approximately .80 mm (,031") and releases
the disc brake.

Terminal 2 on the control unit is not required when used
with the CD-44 rotator. This terminal is for the brake
solenoid when the control is used with a Ham-11 rotator
However, we suggest attaching the #2 control wire to this
terminal in order not to leave a loose wire which could
short to another terminal.

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