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Advance Instruments OS1000A Osciloscopio
Advance Instruments
Modelo: OS1000A
Fecha: 1974
Categoría: Los instrumentos de medición
Grupo: Osciloscopio
Descripción: General Purpose Oscilloscope
                                    The OS1OOOA general purpose Oscilloscope is a solid state,
portable, Dual trace Oscilloscope suitable for a diverse
number of laboratory and television applications. DC mode
bandwidth at the -3 dB points is DC to 20 MHz, and AC mode
bandwidth is 2 Hz to 20 MHz.
Sensitivity from 5 mV/cm to 20V/cm is covered in 12 switched
ranges with a common variable overlap control effective on
all ranges. The sensitivity can be increased to 1 mV/cm by
connecting the Y1 and Y2 channels in cascade.
Several display modes are incorporated: Yl or Y2 single
trace; Yl and Y2 Dual trace with alternate sweep or 250 kHz
chopped and automatically selected by the setting of the
timebase switch; X - Y in which the precision attenuators in
one Y channel are utilised to control the amplitude
of the X signal. Yi +Y2 (algebraic addition) or Yj—Y2
facilities are also available.
Sweep speeds from ls/cm to 0.5 ßs/cm are covered in 20
switched ranges with a common variable overlap control
effective on all ranges. A XI0 facility is incorporated so
that the sweep speed can be increased to 50 ns/cm.
Switch selected trigger sources are, internal from either
one of the two Y channels, external via a front-panel
connector, and the AC supply. A facility for triggering from
television signals is also incorporated.
Level control may be effected manually or automatically. In
the absence of trigger signals in the ‘Auto’ mode, the
time-base switches to an automatic free run condition and
produces a bright line trace.

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Tummas Kruse
Mar 2018
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Tummas Kruse says...

Very nice. I very much needed this manual since my OS1000A is having some calibration issues.

Thank you so much for having this lost manuals site.

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