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Fluke 742A Series Otro
Modelo: 742A Series
Fecha: 1988
Categoría: Los instrumentos de medición
Grupo: Otro
Descripción: Resistance Standards
                                    The 742A Series are small, light, rugged resistance
standards. The standards require no temperature-controlled
air or oil bath. The 742A Series are well suited for use as
the following:
• Working standards
• Portable transfer standards
• Calibration support for the Fluke 5700A Calibrator
Stability and temperature coefficients of the 742A Series
make them ideal for easy transport to and operation in any
working environment within the range of 18 to 28° C. The
standards come with six-month and one-year uncertainty
specifications. Depending on the accuracy required, a 742A
can be recertified at intervals based on either specification.
Each 742A comes with a Report of Calibration and a rear
panel label showing the measured value. The rear panel also
has a Fluke Primary Standards Lab calibration label, labels
that show temperature coefficient alpha and beta centered on
23° C, and the standard’s serial number.

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