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Knight-Kit V-107 Oscillator
Modelo: V-107
Fecha: 1966
Categoría: Los instrumentos de medición
Grupo: Oscillator
Descripción: Variable Frequency Oscillator
                                    This VFO is designed for the ever-growing group of Hams who
are active
on the V H F bands. Coverage is for the most active part of
6 meters (50 to 52 me) or for the entire 2 meter band (144
to 148 me ). The VFO can be
calibrated for either band ; a two scale dial is easily
calibrated for either band.
The Clapp Oscillator circuit assures maximum stability, and
the high
value of shunting capacitors C-6 and C-7 minimizes any
change in tube or
circuit capacity. A voltage regulator further improves
stability by provid­ing pure, variation-free DC voltage to
the screen of the Oscillator tube.

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