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Kikusui Electronics Corporation PCR 500L Fuente de alimentación
Kikusui Electronics Corporation
Modelo: PCR 500L
Fecha: 1995
Categoría: Los instrumentos de medición
Grupo: Fuente de alimentación
Descripción: AC POWER SUPPLY
                                    The PCR-L series are highly reliable AC power supplies
manufactured by the application of Kikusui Electronics
advanced measuring instrument technology and long-term power
supply manufacturing experience.
Use of a high power factor Converter allows the equipment to
be compact and lightweight, and have a low input current and
low harmonic currents. Also, the combination of a high-speed
linear Amplifier and an arbitrary waveform Synthesizer
offers a variety of power simulation, various measurements
using a waveform sampling measuring method, and harmonic
current analysis.

The PCR-L series has the following functions in addition to
high-performance constant voltage and constant frequency
(CVCF) functions.
H Various power simulations functions*
The PCR-L series offers power-line abnormality simulations
such as power failure and instantaneous voltage drop, and
voltage harmonic superimposing simulatoin using a waveform
output other than sine waves. This allows for a variety of
Power supply environmental tests.
M Various measuring functions
In addition to output voltage rms and current rms, peak
voltage and current, power, and power factor*, the harmonic
components of output current can be analyzed (up to the
39th). This allows the equipment to cope with the
measurement under the harmonic current regulations of public
power supply.
H Sequence function*
Allows output voltage, frequency, and waveform to change
with respect to time. This facilitates an automated test.
B AC/DC output function
The PCR-L series offers DC output and AC + DC output, as
well as AC output, which allows the equipment to also be
used in additional fields such as chemistry and physics.
■ Output impedance variable function*
Allows output impedance to change (normally, low output
impedance). This allows measurement of equipment power
consumption or harmonic current at an impedance near the
actual power line.
Ml Sensing and voltage regulation adjusting functions*
Allow constant voltage (rms) to be obtained at a loaded end
even if load equipment is installed away from the AC power

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