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Sencore PR 57 Analyzer
Modelo: PR 57
Categoría: Los instrumentos de medición
Grupo: Analyzer
Descripción: Variable Isolation Transformer & Safety Analyzer
                                    Many electronic devices that operate from the AC line do not
have an
isolation transformer. Some of these chassis have one side
of the AC
line connected directly to the chassis. Other devices use a
bridge rectifier connected to the chassis which places the
chassis at
one-half the line voltage no matter how the line cord is
connected to the
AC line. These chassis must be isolated from the common side
of the
AC line with an isolation transformer to prevent shock
hazards and to
prevent the possibility of damaging the device under test or
equipment connected directly to the chassis.
Many new circuit troubleshooting procedures require that the
AC line
voltage be adjustable to test regulators, shut-down
circuits, and other
voltage sensitive circuits. Increasing or reducing the line
voltage can
also help locate intermittent problems that do not show up
with 117
volts applied to the input.
The ability to monitor the current or power drawn from the
AC line
often simplifies troubleshooting of Power supply or power output
stage problems. Abnormally high power consumption indicates a
problem that may not be immediately recognized but which may
problems in the future.
Finally, every unit serviced should be checked to make sure that
exposed metal parts do not pose a shock hazard to the user.
A safety
test is recommended by all manufacturers. This test is often
not done
because the procedures given in service literature are
difficult to perform
and interpret.
The PR57 AC POWERITE is an AC safety supply designed to make
sure that every factor related to power is correct. The
operation is
simplified and all of the features needed to meet these
needs are included
in a single, compact instrument.
The Sencore PR57 POWERITE™ features four functions in one
compact package. First, the PR57 has an isolation transformer to
isolate chassis that have one side connected directly to the
AC power
line to eliminate shock hazards during service. The isolation
transformer also provides safety for the test equipment and
possible damage to the set itself.
Second, the PR57 has a variable AC transformer that allows
you to
vary the isolated AC output voltage from 0 to 140 volts AC.
You can
apply a high and low line to check regulator and shut down
operation or apply a high line to cook out that intermittent
Third, the PR57 meter lets you monitor the AC line voltage
or the AC
voltage from the isolated output. The meter also allows you
to monitor
the wattage and current being drawn by the unit under test.
The PR57
meter lets you know when the voltage and power are right.
Fourth, the PR57 provides a safety leakage test so you can
check each
customer’s set for AC line leakage as recommended by most
There is no external resistors or meters to hook up with the
PR57. Simply depress a button, touch the exposed metal parts
the Safety Leakage Test Probe and read the leakage current
on the
The PR57 POWERITE™ also features a magnetic circuit breaker
backed up by a 4 Amp slo-blo fuse. The PR57 is protected,
even from a
direct short on the isolated output. The PR57 also has only
one isolated
output to prevent plugging in more than one unit and
defeating the
isolation of the isolation transformer and creating a
potential shock

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Operation, Application, and Maintenance Manual

To Read Voltage of AC Line or Isotated Output
 ... 4
To Read Wattage or Current
 ... 4
To Read
Leakage ... 5
Introduction ... 
Specifications ... 
Accessories ... 
Controls ... 10
Introduction ... 12
Connection ... 12
Magnetic Circuit Breaker/Power Switch
Operation ...  12
Fuse Replacement
Leakage Test Probe Mounting Clip
 ... 13
Using the Variable Voltage Output
Function ...   ...  14
Using the AC Line Monitor Position
 ... 14
Using the PR57 Current Function
 ...  15
Using the PR57 Watts
Function ... 15
Determining the Wattage Rating of a Unit
 ... 16
Performing the Leakage Test
Determining the Allowable Leakage Level
 ... 18
Testing Leakage on Three-Wire
Units ...  18
Checking the Calibration of the Leakage Test
 ...  19
Troubleshooting Power
Supplies ... 20
Troubleshooting Constant Voltage Transformer Power Supplies.. 20
Checking Circuit Repairs at reduced Input AC Voltages
 ... 21
Reforming Power supply Electrolytic Filters
 ...  21
Checking the Wiring of the AC Line Cord and Power Switch ___22
Testing Transformer Operated Devices for AC
Leakage ... 23
Reading AC Leakage Levels Below 100
Microamps ...  23
Disassembly Instructions
PR57 Calibration Procedure
 ... 24

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