Información del equipo:

Keithley 177 Multímetro digital
Modelo: 177
Fecha: 1978
Categoría: Los instrumentos de medición
Grupo: Multímetro digital
Descripción: Microvolt DMM

The Keithley Mode! 177 Microvolt DMM is a versatile, highly
sensitive Digital multimeter which is used for measurement
of DC and AC voltages, DC and AC currents, as well as
resistance. For a complete summary of ranges for each of
these five functions, refer to the specifications at the
front of this manual. Ranges and functions are easily
selected with front panel pushbuttons, while connections for
ail functions are easily made with a single set of front
panel input terminals.


1. 4 1/2 Digit LED Display—An easy to read 4 1/2 digit
display shows 20,000 counts of information with automatic
polarity indication.

2. 1µV/1mΩ Resolution—The Model 177 is capable of reading DC
voltages as low as 1µV and resistances down to 1mΩ.

3.	Front Panel Zero—The front panel zero control may be used
to compensate for thermal offsets or lead resistance when
making measurements.

4.	Analog Output—An analog output of 1V/10,000 counts is
available on the rear panel.

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Instruction Manual

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Instruction Manual

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