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Pioneer - VSX-90TXV - Receiver
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Features • Advanced Direct Energy design This receiver offers a new advancement in discrete design unique to Pioneer for high-power drivability, low distortion and stable imaging. Through symmetrical placement of power amplification units, this receiver generates equal amplifier power to all channels, eliminating the possibility of one channel dominating a particular sound field. • Easy setup using Multichannel Acoustic Calibration (Auto MCACC) Setting up for home theater sound is as easy as connecting speakers, components like a DVD player, and a TV. The Auto MCACC Setup, which includes the advanced features of Professional Acoustic Calibration EQ, provides a quick yet accurate surround sound setup. This innovative technology measures the reverb characteristics of your listening area, allowing you to customize your system calibration. Moreover, you have access to the full range of surround sound settings. • THX Select2 certified design This receiver bears the THX Select2 logo, which means it has passed a rigorous series of quality and performance tests covering every aspect of the product. This includes testing of pre-amplifier and power amplifier performance and operation, and hundreds of other parameters in both the digital and analog domain, making your home theater experience as faithful as possible to what the director intended. • Dolby Digital and DTS decoding, including Dolby Digital EX, Dolby Pro Logic IIx, DTS 96/24 and DTS-ES Dolby Digital and DTS decoding brings theater sound right into your home with up to six channels of surround sound, including a special LFE (Low Frequency Effects) channel for deep, realistic sound effects. The built-in Dolby Pro Logic IIx and DTS Neo:6 decoders not only provide full surround sound decoding for Dolby Surround sources, but will also generate convincing surround sound for any stereo source. Also, with the addition of a surround back speaker, you can take advantage of the built-in Dolby Digital EX and DTS-ES decoders for six-channel surround sound. • Phase correction Based on Pioneer’s unique Phase Control Technology, the Phase Control feature incorporated into this receiver’s design provides coherent sound reproduction through the use of phase matching for an optimal sound image at your listening position. • Sound Retriever The Sound Retriever feature employs new DSP technology that helps bring CD quality sound back to WMA, MP3 and MPEG-4 AAC audio files by restoring sound pressure and smoothing jagged artifacts left over after compression. • Front Stage Surround Advance With the Front Stage Surround Advance feature, you can enjoy seamless, natural surround sound effects using only the front speakers, without deteriorating the quality of the original sound. • HDMI compatibility This receiver is compatible with the HDMI digital video format, providing you high-definition digital video and digital audio via a single cable. • Built-in video converter The built-in video converter provides output of all analog video signals to your TV or monitor (regardless of the type of connection), allowing you to connect components using component, S-video, and composite video connections as you like. • iPod Ready With the new iPod terminal, you’ll be up and running in no time, now that this receiver’s enhanced compatibility makes on-screen control of your iPod an added possibility. • USB interface The USB allows you to listen to two-channel audio from a USB mass storage device connected to this receiver. • Easy-to-use LCD remote control The remote control gives you not only complete control over every function of this receiver, but also over the main functions for other components in your home theater system. Using a system of preset codes, you can program the remote to operate a wide range of other equipment.

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