Equipment information

Wavetek 275 Generator
Model 275
Date 1984
Category Measurement instruments
Group Generator
Description Arbitrary Function Generator
                                    MODEL 275

The Wavetek 275 Programmable Arbitrary/Function Generator
produces sine, triangle and square waveforms as well as
user-defined arbitrary waveshapes. Any of the waveforms can
be generated in the continuous, triggered, gated or burst
modes. External width and dc functions are also provided.

Data entry is from the front panel or GPIB (IEEE 488-1978).
Numeric input is entered in free format: fixed, floating, or
exponential notation. Parameters may be entered in any
order, internally, all entries are interactively checked for
errors and displayed on the front panel, or they may be
accessed through the GPIB.

Arbitrary waveform amplitude resolution is 12 bits.
Horizontal resolution is 2048 points (standard), expandable
to 8192 points (optional). Arbitrary waveform clock period
is programmable within the range of 267 ns to 267 s per
point with 0.2% accuracy. Non-arbitrary waveform frequency
range is

0.01 Hz to 12 MHz.

Output levei is specified from 10 mV to 10 Vp-p into a 50fi
termination and 20 mV to 20 Vp-p into an open circuit with 3
digits of resolution. Offset can be programmed to vary the
waveform base line up to ±10V, or in the dc function, to
vary the dc output.

All inputs and outputs are protected against short circuits
and excessive voltages between ±15V. The function output is
further protected against voltage inputs up to 140 Vac or
±200 Vdc. Activation of the protection circuits will cause a
front panel error message and may cause a GPiB service request.

Up to 75 sets of complete front panel settings can be stored
in memory. The memory has a non-rechargeable lithium battery
back up for a minimum of 6 months (typically 1 to 2 years).
A “low battery” warning will be indicated on the display
when the battery voltage drops to 80% of its normal voltage.

These manuals are available for the above equipment:

Manual Type Service and User Manual Wavetek-389-Manual-Page-1-Picture
Pages 190
Size 9.81 Mbytes (10288422 Bytes)
Language english
Revision 2/84
Date 1984
Quality Scanned document, all readable.
Upload date
MD5 24da0accc90f783cf5d034df60371ab1
Downloads 1243 since 22 February 2008
Table of Contents
- General Description
- Installation and Interface
- Operation
- Circuit Description
- Calibration
- Troubleshooting
- Parts and Schematics
- Appendix

Manual Type Service and User Manual Wavetek-11126-Manual-Page-1-Picture
Pages 192
Size 10.50 Mbytes (11006393 Bytes)
Language english
Manual-ID/Number 1300-00-0203
Date 01 June 1989
Quality Scanned document, all readable.
Upload date
MD5 eae759167bef7211592323e79e58dfcf
Downloads 60 since 14 August 2018

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