Equipment information

Hewlett Packard 3720A Spectrum analyzer
Hewlett Packard
Model 3720A
Date 1972
Category Measurement instruments
Group Spectrum analyzer
Description Spectrum Display

These manuals are available for the above equipment:

Manual Type Service Manual HewlettPackard-3714-Manual-Page-1-Picture
Pages 155
Size 49.62 Mbytes (52031111 Bytes)
Language english
Manual-ID/Number 03720-95001
Date April 1972
Quality Scanned document, all readable.
Upload date
MD5 daa6a06b0d3dc301db88a858764168d6
Downloads 332 since 20 July 2012
This manual applies to all instruments having serial prefix
1209U. Instruments with a serial prefix above 1209U may
have a Manual Change Sheet, to which reference should be made.

Section I contains General Servicing Instructions and a Description of Controls
and Indicators.
Section II gives information on Parts Identification, Maintenance and Repair
Procedu res.
Section III contains a list of Replaceable Parts for the 3720A.
Section IV gives the 3721A/3720A System Troubleshooting Procedure.
Section V contains the Functional Diagram, Assembly Location Diagrams and
Assembly Packages including Schematic and Component Location.

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