Equipment information

Sony CCD-TR618 Video camera
Model CCD-TR618
Date 2001
Category Audio Video TV Multimedia
Group Video camera
Description Video Camera Recorder
                                    Main Features
Functions to adjust exposure (in the recording mode)
•In a dark place
 NIGHTSHOT (p. 24)
•In dark environments such as sunset, fireworks,
 Sunset & moon mode (p. 34)
or general night views
•Shooting backlit subjects
 BACK LIGHT (p. 24)
•In spotlight, such as at the theater or a formal
 Spotlight mode (p. 34)
•In strong light or reflected light, such as at a beach
 Beach & ski mode (p. 34)
in midsummer or on a ski slope
Functions to give images more impact (in the recording mode)
•Smooth transition between scenes
 FADER (p. 31)
•Digital processing of images
•Creating a soft background for subjects
 Soft portrait mode (p. 34)
•Superimposing a title
 TITLE (p. 38)
Functions to give a natural appearance to your recordings
(in the recording mode)
•Preventing deterioration of picture quality in
 D ZOOM [MENU] (p. 47)
digital zoom
The default setting is set to OFF.
(To zoom greater than 20×, select the digital zoom
power in D ZOOM in the menu settings.)
•Focusing manually
 Manual focus (p. 37)
•Shooting distant subjects
 Landscape mode (p. 34)
•Recording fast-moving subjects
 Sports lesson mode (p. 34)
Functions to use in editing (in the recording mode)
•Watching the picture on a wide-screen TV
 Wide mode (p. 29)
•Recording with the date/time
 Date and time (p. 25)
•Enhancing old tapes
 ORC [MENU] (p. 49)
Functions to use after recording (in the playback mode)
•Correcting jitter
 TBC [MENU] (p. 48)
•Correcting color noise
 DNR [MENU] (p. 48)

These manuals are available for the above equipment:

Manual Type User Manual Sony-11639-Manual-Page-1-Picture
Pages 72
Size 1.59 Mbytes (1668096 Bytes)
Language english
Manual-ID/Number 3-065-645-11 (3)
Date 01 January 2001
Quality Electronic document, no scan, very well readable.
Upload date
MD5 06c4d3c8c0ffdedb5bcd8a58d1c94e1f
Downloads 119 since 30 December 2018
Main Features  ...  4
Quick Start Guide  ...  6
Getting started
Using this manual  ...  8
Checking supplied accessories  ...  11
Installing the battery pack  ...  11
Charging the battery pack  ...  12
Connecting to a wall outlet  ...  16
Step 2 Setting the date and time  ...  17
Step 3 Inserting a cassette  ...  19
Recording – Basics
Recording a picture  ...  20
Shooting backlit subjects
– BACK LIGHT  ...  24
Shooting in the dark
– NightShot  ...  24
Superimposing the date and time
on pictures  ...  25
Playback – Basics
Connections for playback  ...  26
Playing back a tape  ...  27
Advanced Recording
Using the wide mode  ...  29
Using the fader function  ...  31
Using special effects
– Picture effect  ...  33
Using the PROGRAM AE function  ...  34
Adjusting the exposure manually  ...  36
Focusing manually  ...  37
Superimposing a title  ...  38
Making your own titles  ...  40
Using the built-in light  ...  42
Dubbing a tape  ...  45
Customizing Your Camcorder
Changing the menu settings  ...  46
Types of trouble and their solutions
 ...  52
Self-diagnosis display  ...  55
Warning indicators and messages  ...  56
Additional Information
Usable cassettes and playback modes
 ...  57
About “InfoLITHIUM” battery  ...  58
Using your camcorder abroad  ...  59
Maintenance information and
precautions  ...  60
Specifications  ...  65
Quick Reference
Identifying the parts and controls  ...  66
Index  ...  Back cover

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