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Wavetek Wandel Goltermann CLI-1450 Level Meter
Wavetek Wandel Goltermann
Model CLI-1450
Date 1999
Category Measurement instruments
Group Level Meter

The CLI-1450 Leakage/Signal Level Meter is a high
performance instrument designed for cable television
technicians. The durable, water-resistant CLI-1450 makes
innovative use of a graphics LCD to simplify operation. The
LCD backlight makes measurements easier in crawl spaces and
behind television sets. The display is also easy to see in
bright sunlight.

Your CLI-1450 is a highly sensitive, hand-held leakage meter
that makes finding and measuring RF leakage easy. Because it
can accurately detect and measure video signals, it is not
necessary to inject an additional RF carrier for the purpose
of monitoring leakage.

Your CLI-1450 is frequency agile — you can configure it to
monitor a carrier frequency between 115 to 140 MHz.
You can use the optional LT1000 Leakage Tagger to modulate
an existing carrier with a distinct tag signal. This
enhances detection sensitivity in noisy environments and
reduces false alarms. In overbuild situations, you can
determine if a detected leak is emanating from the network
that you are testing.

An audible alarm notifies you when your CLI-1450 has
detected a leak. You specify the level threshold at which
the alarm is triggered.

To reduce the likelihood of false alarms, you can configure
the alarm to occur only when a tag signal is present. You
can quickly adjust the volume of the alarm and even mute it
if desired.

Your CLI-1450 makes the accurate leakage measurements that
you need to verify compliance with government regulations.
The type of antenna you are using and the distance from the
leak are considered when measuring field strength. You can
select from among four antenna types — monopole, dipole,
vehicle mount and custom. The antenna factor for each type
is programmable.

The most accurate and repeatable measurements are made using
a dipole antenna located at the required reference distance.
This is the only method recommended by Wavetek Wandel
Goltermann for making compliance measurements. You can also
make approximate measurements up to 30 meters away by
entering the estimated distance from the leak. Your CLI-1450
will calculate what the equivalent field strength would be
at the reference distance. These measurements are adequate
for grading leaks you have found and prioritizing your
repair schedule based on leak severity.

The CLI-1450 has the ability to Interface with GPS tracking
systems using its built-in serial port.

Your CLI-1450 performs accurate signal level measurements —
even on scrambled channels with horizontal or vertical sync
suppression. A scan mode allows you to see the levels of all
carriers in a spectral display. You can also view level
measurements at a single frequency or for a specific
channel. When tuned to a channel, the display indicates the
levels of the video and audio carriers, and the difference
between the carrier levels.

When performing an installation, you can press the
Installation Check key to quickly verify that all channels
are within limits that you have defined. You can use this
feature to determine whether or not a subscriber connection
meets government regulations. A special channel plan
building mode automatically determines which channels are
active on your cable system. Once you have defined a channel
plan, you can copy it to other units. You can also
create channel plans using StealthWare (Version 3.0), the
WindowsTM based data management package for Stealth products.

For documentation purposes, you can print any measurement
screen to a serial Printer (Wavetek P-Stealth Printer).
Following an installation check, you can print an
installation report and file it with the work order. You can
also print a report that lists all configuration settings
including the channel plan.

The CLI-1450 tunes from 45 to 559 MHz with options to extend
the range to 5 to 890 MHz.

As digital services such as audio, video, Internet, and
telephony become more common, a way of accurately measuring
their carriers is needed. The 1450DIG digital carrier
measurement option provides an average power measurement of
QPSK, 16-QAM, 64-QAM, 256-QAM, QPR, BPSK, CAP-16, and other
modulation schemes. To be measured, carriers must be in a
state of continuous (i.e., non-burst) transmission.

MEASUREMENT LOGGING (signal level modes only)
With the CLI-1450, you can store installation checks that
you have performed throughout the day. You can also store
scan and tilt measurements. Each file is time and date
stamped and can be recalled later for viewing on the LCD screen.
When viewing a file, you can adjust the screen settings the
same as when you are viewing a “live” measurement. Using the
built-in serial port, you can print files and even upload
them to StealthWare (Version 3.0) for further analysis and

AUTO TESTS (signal level modes only)
Automated tests are easy with the CLI-1450 and provide a
convenient way of acquiring proof-of-performance compliance
data. Tests can beexecuted immediately or scheduled over a
period of time. To conserve battery life, CLI-1450 shuts
itself off between scheduled intervals. When configuring an
Auto Test, you can record information about the location at
which the test is being performed. Files can be
created for commonly tested locations so you need only enter
the information once.
Auto Tests results are time, date, and temperature stamped
and can be viewed on the LCD screen. Limits are applied to
the measurement data with out-of-tolerance conditions
concisely indicated. You can print a test report for each
interval or a comprehensive 24 hour report
that summarizes data collected from up to four intervals. 

Auto Test
result files can be uploaded to StealthWare (Version 3.0).

These manuals are available for the above equipment:

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