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Plus Vision Corp. U3-1100Z Projector
Plus Vision Corp.
Model U3-1100Z
Category Computer equipment
Group Projector
Description Data Projector
                                    The U3-1100SF/U3-1100Z/U3-810SF/U3-810Z is one of the most
spectacular data projectors available today. The unit
enables you to project precise images up to 200 inches
across (measured diagonally) from your PC or Macintosh
computer (desktop or notebook), VCR, document camera, laser
disc player, DVD player, etc.
The unit can be placed on a tabletop or cart. The unit can
also be used to project images from behind the screen.

The other main features you’ll enjoy

Compatible with following various color systems:
– NTSC (U.S. and Canada standard)
– PAL (Western Europe standard)
– SECAM (France and Eastern Europe standard)
– NTSC4.43 (Middle East standard)

Superior brightness of 1000 ANSI lumens, small size, and
weighing only about 1.5 kilograms/3.3 lbs.

Superior brightness of 1000 ANSI lumens, small size, and
weighing only about 1.5 kilograms/3.3 lbs.

Using TI’s Digital Mirror Device (DMD) and our own optical
design we have developed a geometric effect that increases
the light usage efficiency. By increasing the light usage
efficiency we can better reproduce the three basic colors
(RGB) required for color reproduction on a single DMD. This
means superior brightness, smaller size, and lighter weight.

Sharp, clear images There is no RGB color separation, and
the spaces between the individual pixels are not noticeable.
That means Sharp and clear reproduction of small characters
and figures. Take a closer look and notice the difference in

Outstanding Sharp, clear, 3D like images with vivid colors
when reproducing DVD video and other high picture-quality
data/video sources Accurate gray scale reproduction makes
for more natural image displays. DVD and other high quality
image sources bring out the true image display quality of
the unit.

Screen not distorted to a trapezoid (keystoning) when
projecting to the height of the line of vision
Because the projection position is already set to the height
of the line of vision, there is no keystoning effect.
Even when projecting above or under the height of the line
of vision, image distortion (if any) can be adjusted using
the keystone correction function.

Fully compatible with true XGA; support for SXGA using
advanced intelligent compression technology
The advanced intelligent compression technology enables
these projectors to present clear compression SXGA images
without any line omission.

Fully compatible with true S-VGA; support for XGA using
advanced intelligent compression technology
The advanced intelligent compression technology enables it
to present clear compression XGA images without any line

A remote control that can operate the PC or Macintosh
The supplied remote control both operates the unit and acts
as a wireless Mouse control to operate the PC or Macintosh
connected to the unit.

The compact and easy to carry cabinet with its contemporary
design complements any office, board room, or auditorium.

These manuals are available for the above equipment:

Manual Type User Manual PlusVision-10963-Manual-Page-1-Picture
Pages 36
Size 1.27 Mbytes (1336694 Bytes)
Language english
Quality Electronic document, no scan, very well readable.
Upload date
MD5 b5a865d0e8668c59adab9f5143c3065d
Downloads 338 since 08 August 2018
 ...  2
Table of contents
Basic information and preparations  ...  4
Checking the supplied accessories
 ...  4
Preparing the remote control
 ...  5
Parts and controls
Connections  ...  10
Connecting video equipment
 ...  10
Connecting Video Equipment With Component Video Signal
(YCbCr) Output
Connecting a PC or Macintosh
 ...  12
Operation  ...  14
Using the unit
Using the Remote Control (Input Selection)
 ...  16
Using the Remote Control as the PC Mouse
 ...  17
Various functions while using the unit
 ...  18
Menu operation  ...  20
Menu Structure
Adjusting the picture elements
 ...  22
Adjusting the projected image from the computer
 ...  23
Manual Adjustment of Personal Computer Images
 ...  24
Resetting the Lamp Hours of Usage
 ...  25
Setting Narrow Images (Advanced Menu)
 ...  26
Setting in Accordance With Image Contents
 ...  27
Initial Settings
Setting the Menu
 ...  31
When the STATUS indicator lights or flashes
 ...  32
Replacing the lamp cartridge
 ...  33

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