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Sequential Circuits 500 Pro FX Controller
Sequential Circuits
Model 500 Pro FX
Date 1982
Category Professional music equipment
Group Controller
Description System Controller
                                    The System Controller is a Z-80-based microcomputer running
from a 4K PROM. Two RAM ICs are standardly included, but up
to six RAM ICs can be added.

System Inputs include the control switches, footswitches,
tape input (sync tones and data), and the ADC voltage, Vadc,
which is multiplexed from each module and processed in the
computer by U224 DAC and U227 ADC window comparator,
similarly to ADC function in the Rev 3 Prophet-5s. U225
System Bus transciever transfers data from the Module Bus to
the Controller data bus.

System outputs include the switch and display LEDs, tape
output (sync tones and data), Slot Selects (from U108), data
via the transceiver, and Vdac, which is strobed to the
Module Bus and demultiplexed within installed modules.

These manuals are available for the above equipment:

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Pages 10
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Manual-ID/Number TN500-0
Date 01 September 1982
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