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Event Medical Ltd. F7300000-XX Ventilator
Event Medical Ltd.
Model F7300000-XX
Date 2004
Category Medical and Biomedical Equipment
Group Ventilator
                                    The Inspiration Ventilator system is intended for use with a
wide range of infant through adult patients requiring
ventilatory and or respiratory support.
The Ventilator system has a built in compressor and internal
(rechargeable) battery and is therefore not dependent on an
external power or air supply for operation. As such it can
be used to provide ventilation during patient transport
within the hospital.
The Inspiration Ventilator system is well equipped with
ventilatory, monitoring, and safety features. Listed below
are some of the device’s key features:

Inspired oxygen levels at the user's desired concentration.

Volume or pressure based breaths delivered in a controlled,
synchronized intermittent mandatory, or spontaneous mode.

Flow or pressure triggering of breaths.

Apnea monitoring and ventilation back-up system.

Numeric or Waveform display of user defined Ventilator data.

Respiratory Mechanics monitoring.

Smart Sighs at user desired frequency and breath amplitude.

User defined Smart Nebulizer functions.

Prioritized alarm system.

These manuals are available for the above equipment:

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Pages 209
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Language english
Revision 2.0
Date 01 January 2004
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Technical Manual

This manual has been intended to provide the necessary
information required to service and maintain the eVent
Medical Inspiration Series Ventilator System. It is intended
for use by certified biomedical engineers or engineers with
equivalent experience in the maintenance of respiratory life
support equipment. 

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