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Zeiss Superlux 300
Model Superlux 300
Date 1993
Category Medical and Biomedical Equipment
Description High-Intensity Light Source

The Superlux 300 high-intensity light source consists of the
lamp house (1) and the power supply unit (2). The light
travels from the lamp house to the microscope or endoscope
over a light guide.

The xenon lamp of the Superlux 300 generates light whose
spectrum is near that of natural daylight. The color
temperature of the light remains constant regardless of the
brightness setting. You may thus use daylight film in
photographic documentation without additional conversion

The brightness can be adjusted at the lamp house.
The xenon lamp can be made to "flash” to a higher intensity
when making a photographic exposure.

The lamp house also contains a 12 V, 100 W halogen lamp as a
backup illumination system. If the xenon lamp ever goes out,
you can continue surgery without delay. All that you have to
do is change the connection of the light-guide and switch
the selector (1.2) on the lamp house to "HALOGEN". The
electrical supply for the halogen lamp is provided on the
microscope stand or from an external power supply unit. The
on/off switch and the brightness adjustment element for the
halogen lamp is located on the microscope stand or on the
external power supply unit.

These manuals are available for the above equipment:

Manual Type User Manual Zeiss-10413-Manual-Page-1-Picture
Pages 21
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Language english
Manual-ID/Number G 30-1109-e
Date 16 December 1993
Quality Scanned document, all readable.
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Notes on safety
 ... 4

Notes on installation and usage
 ... 4

Warning signs and notes
 ... 6

 ... 7

Control elements, connections and displays
 ... 9

Lamp house
 ... 9

Power supply unit
 ... 11

Preparations for use
 ... 12

Operation of the instrument
 ... 13

illumination ... 13

Halogen illumination
 ... 13

Triggering the camera
 ... 14

Pre-surgery checklist
 ... 14

Using the instrument during an operation
 ... 15

Xenon lamp backup
procedure ... 15

 ... 16

Exchanging the xenon lamp module
 ... 16

Exchanging the halogen lamp
 ... 17

Setting the instrument to the available line voltage /

Changing fuses
 ... 17

Troubleshooting table
 ... 18

Installation possibilities on stands / Retrofit kits and
parts ..	20

Retrofit kits for stands / mounts
 ... 20

Control units for photography
 ... 21

Spare parts
 ... 21

 ... 22
Important for safety	Page

Notes on safety  ...  4

Pre-surgery checklist  ...  14

Troubleshooting table  ...  18

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