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Racal Dana 9478 Frequency Standard
Racal Dana
Model 9478
Date 1982
Category Measurement instruments
Group Frequency Standard
Description Frequency Standard Distribution System
                                    The Racal-Dana Frequency Standard Distribution System 9478
provides a reliable and convenient means of generating and
distributing up to nine standard frequency signals, all
phase locked to a single Frequency Standard. Where more than
nine independent outputs are required, two or more systems
may be cascaded.


The Frequency Standard used may be internally mounted. A
choice of two crystal oscillators from the Racal-Dana range
is offered. The specifications of these oscillators are
given in Section 1.

Alternatively an external master Oscillator or atomic
Frequency Standard may be used. External frequency standards
having outputs at 1 MHz, 2 MHz,

2.5 MHz, 5 MHz or 10 MHz are all suitable for use with the 9478.

Systems fitted with an internal Frequency Standard will
automatically lock to the input from an external standard
when such an input is present.


The nine BNC output sockets are mounted on the rear panel.
Each is fed from' an individual driver Amplifier and
provides a level of 1 V r.m.s. into 50 ft. Internal coaxial
links, which may easily be reset by the user, allow the
frequency at any output to be set to 1 MHz, 5 MHz, or 10 MHz.


Each output channel is provided with an individual LED
indicator. These are mounted on the front panel, and light
when an output is present. In addition a TTL compatible,
logic '1' alarm signal is given at a rear panel mounted
connector if any output fails.

Two further front panel LED indicators are provided. One
lights when the system is in lock, and the other when an
input from an external Frequency Standard is present. Both
indicators are repeated, in the form of TTL compatible logic
'1' levels, at a rear panel mounted connector.

These manuals are available for the above equipment:

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