Equipment information

Fluke 52 Thermometer
Model 52
Date 1995
Category Measurement instruments
Group Thermometer
Description K/J Thermometer
                                     FUNCTIONAL OVERVIEW

The Fluke 51 and 52 K/J Thermometers take nonlinear voltages
from thermocouples and convert the voltages to meaningful
temperature readings. These thermometers are actually
microvoltmeters with additional features to compensate
forthe reference junction and non-linearities of thermocouples.

The heart of these instruments is an analog-to-digital
Converter (a/d converter) that develops a numerical
representation of an analog voltage. The a/d Converter (UI)
works in the range of -10 mV to +55 mV. For the Fluke 52,
three signals must be measured: thermocouple I,	thermocouple
2, and the signal that represents the temperature of the
reference junctions. To measure the three signals, the a/d
Converter is connected to each of these signals one at a
time. A microcomputer (U2) coordinates the switching and a/d
activity performed by U1. U2 also interprets the numbers
sent by the a/d converter, including reference junction
compensation, linearization, and degrees Celsius and
Fahrenheit conversion. U2 also monitors the instrument
control buttons and drives the liquid crystal display (LCD)

These manuals are available for the above equipment:

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Pages 40
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Language english
Manual-ID/Number 768234
Date 01 June 1995
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This manual presents service information for the Fluke 51
and 52 K/J Thermometers. Included are a theory of operation,
general maintenance procedures, performance tests,
calibration procedures, troubleshooting information, a list
of replacement parts, and schematic diagrams.

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