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Hewlett Packard 8590A Spectrum analyzer
Hewlett Packard
Model 8590A
Category Measurement instruments
Group Spectrum analyzer
Description Portable RF Spectrum Analyzer
                                    P 8590A Portable RF Spectrum Analyzer

This compact, portable RF spectrum Analyzer offers many
features of a high-performance model for a low, affordable
price. With a wide frequency range (10 kHz to 1.5 GHz),
large amplitude range (—115 dBm to +30 dBm), and 50- or
optional 75-ohm input, the new HP 8590A has the versatility
to make most RF signal measurements. Lightweight and sturdy,
the Analyzer goes where you need it-from the bench into the
field. Over 100 functions are programmable from an optional
computer interface, and many Accessories are available to
expand basic spectrum Analyzer capabilities. Whatever the
application, from automatic testing on the production line
to servicing equipment in the field, the HP 8590A fits the job.

Digital Display

The raster-scan display of this spectrum Analyzer gives a
flicker-free and parallax-free graticule. Display menus
simplify operation and reduce the number of front-panel
controls. Easy-to-read control settings surround the
graticule, and a 50-character label can be added to the top
of the screen. Expanded display size and remote viewing of
the screen are possible using the HP 82913A video monitor.

Simple Operation

Special training is not required to run the HP 8590A. Use
the three main control keys and the data entry knob or
keypad to measure any signal. Center the signal with
FREQUENCY; resolve the signal with SPAN; move the signal up
and down with AMPLITUDE. The Analyzer automatically adjusts
internal parameters such as resolution bandwidth, swecptime,
IF gain, and input attenuation. Commonly used functions are
built into dedicated keys. These include markers for reading
out amplitude and frequency values, and PLOT and PRINT keys
for recording test results easily on ordinary typing paper.
Display-menu softkeys access nearly 100 additional
time-saving functions.

These manuals are available for the above equipment:

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