Equipment information

Tektronix TLA7E2 Oscilloscope
Model TLA7E2
Category Measurement instruments
Group Oscilloscope
Description Digitizing Oscilloscope Modules
                                    The digitizing Oscilloscope (DSO) modules are designed for
use with either the benchtop mainframe or portable
mainframe. Key features are listed below:

Four standard configurations with full-featured, 1 MΩ/50 Ω
TLA7D2 and TLA7E2 have four channels, TLA7D1 and TLA7E1 have
two channels.

A maximum realtime digitizing rate up to 5 GSample/second
with an analog bandwidth up to 1 GHz.

A maximum record length of 15,000 samples with 8-bit
vertical resolution

A full complement of internal triggering modes such as edge,
pulse, logic, and setup hold

These manuals are available for the above equipment:

Manual Type Service Manual Tektronix-9955-Manual-Page-1-Picture
Pages 130
Size 1.12 Mbytes (1169906 Bytes)
Language english
Manual-ID/Number 070-9780-03
Quality Electronic document, no scan, very well readable.
Upload date
MD5 5bf4dd3eb526e4350a6c4e3aba259a53
Downloads 269 since 26 December 2017
The TLA Series Digitizing Oscilloscope Manual is divided
into chapters, which
are made up of related subordinate topics. These topics can
be cross referenced
as sections.
Be sure to read the introductions to all procedures. These
introductions provide
important information needed to do the service correctly,
safely, and efficiently.

A briefdescription of each chapter follows:
Specifications contains a product description of the DSO
Module and tables
of the characteristics and descriptions that apply to it.
Operating Information includes basic installation and
operating instructions
at the level needed to safely operate and service the DSO
Module. For
complete installation and configuration procedures, refer to
the Tektronix
Logic Analyzer Family User Manual.
Theory of Operation contains circuit descriptions that
support general service
to the circuit board level.
Performance Verification contains the performance
verification procedures
for the DSO Module.
Adjustment Procedures contains the adjustment procedures for
the DSO
Maintenance contains information and procedures for doing
preventive and
corrective maintenance on the DSO Module. Included are
instructions for
cleaning, for removal and installation of replaceable parts,
and for trouble-
Options contains information on the factory-installed
options that may be
available for the DSO Module.

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