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Orban 418A Converter
Model 418A
Date 1980
Category Professional music equipment
Group Converter
Description Stereo Limiter
                                    The principal use of your new 418 Limiter is to condition
arbitrary complex audio signals (not just single tracks,
although the 418 may be used with these, too) in such a way
that they can be recorded on tape or optical film without
overload, excessive noise, or distortion due to excessive
high frequencies, In order to do this while introducing
minimal artifacts into the signal, the 418 incorporates a
highly refined program-controlled release time circuit, as
well as a separate high-frequency limiter which can control
the high frequencies present in the program on an
instantaneous basis without distortion and without
disturbing the basic program loudness.

The release time and high-frequency limiter are both
adjustable by the user in order to obtain the desired amount
of high-frequency control, level control, compression, and
density augmentation. The controls have been arranged to
minimize the probability of audible side-effects of an
undesirable nature regardless of their settings.

Some uses of the 418 include: (1) mixing through while doing
multitrack reductions in order to save time while doing
radio commercials, demo sessions, and the like; (2)
conditioning recorded program material so that it can be
copied onto cassette or low-speed tape without excessive
hiss and/or high-frequency distortion; (3) transferring from
magnetic to optical film; (4) transferring from disc to 7.5
ips tape cartridge in broadcast stations; (5) recording
production work through in broadcast production studios; and
(6) transferring from tape to disc (with certain limitations
— see OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS). Other applications will
doubtless suggest themselves to the Creative engineer.

The 418 is not rigorously RFI/EMI shielded, and its output
contains substantial amounts of fast overshoots.

It is therefore specifically not recommended for driving
broadcast transmitters. Orban Associates Division
manufactures a line of devices, the OPTIMOD-FM and the
OPTIMOD-AM, specifically designed for this purpose.

These manuals are available for the above equipment:

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Pages 16
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Language english
Date 01 January 1980
Quality Scanned document, all readable.
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