Equipment information

Orban OPTIMOD-FM 2200 Effect Processor
Model OPTIMOD-FM 2200
Date 2000
Category Professional music equipment
Group Effect Processor
Description Digital Audio Processor
                                    Orban’s OPTIMOD-FM 2200 DIGITAL Audio Processor is a
complete audio processing system for FM broadcast. Model
2200 is configured for analog inputs and outputs. Model
2200-D also includes digital inputs and outputs. Features
for all versions include:

• Universal Transmitter protection and audio processing for
FM broadcast. The 2200 can be configured to interface
ideally with any commonly-found transmission system in the

• User-friendly Interface: A simple liquid-crystal display
(LCD) makes setup, adjustment and programming easy. Front
panel bargraphs show metering functions of the processing
preset in use. Push one of the clearly labeled soft keys to
RECALL a preset, to MODIFY PROCESSING, or to access SYSTEM
SETUP controls.

• 8 factory-programmed presets, based on Orban’s Two-Band
and Protection/Limiting Processing Structures. These presets
can be modified and saved.

• 8 user presets to store customized settings.

• Pre-emphasis limiting for the internationally-used
pre-emphasis curves of 50 μs and 75μs. The pre-emphasis
control is almost never audibly apparent, producing a clean,
open sound with subjective brightness matching the original

• Extremely tight peak control; overshoot is limited to ± 0.3dB!

• DSP-based stereo encoder (stereo generator) produces a
circuit with excellent specs, high stability, and
uncompromising baseband spectrum control.

• Remote-control, via optically-isolated terminals that can
be operated with contact closures (to facilitate interfacing
to older-technology remote controls).

• Built-in line-up tone generator facilitating quick and
accurate level setting in any system and a Bessel Null tone
for calibrating modulation.

These manuals are available for the above equipment:

Manual Type Service and User Manual Orban-9721-Manual-Page-1-Picture
Pages 174
Size 3.57 Mbytes (3738252 Bytes)
Language english
Manual-ID/Number 96079-000-04
Date 01 January 2000
Quality Electronic document, no scan, very well readable.
Upload date
MD5 98d706b4729660702f4fd1e63568a1e0
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Section 1: Introduction
OPTIMOD-FM 2200 DIGITAL Audio Processor
Presets in the 2200
The Two-Band Structure
Protection Limiting: Orban’s Approach
Input/Output Configurations
Location of OPTIMOD-FM
About Transmission Levels and Metering
Line-Up Facilities
Warranty, Feedback
Section 2: Installation
Installation of 2200
Basic System Setup
System Setup Controls
Section 3: Operation
2200 Controls and Meters
Introduction to Processing
About the Processing Structures
Factory Programming Presets
Customizing the 2200’s Two-Band Sound
Two-Band Structures Processing Controls Details
Customizing the Protection Limiter Structure Sound
2200 Screen Displays
Section 4: Maintenance
Routine Maintenance
Getting Inside the Chassis
In-System Testing (“Proof of Performance”)
Field Audit of Performance
Field Alignment
Section 5: Troubleshooting
Problems and Possible Causes
Troubleshooting IC Opamps
Technical Support
Factory Service
Shipping Instructions
Section 6: Technical Data
Circuit Description
Parts List
Schematics, Assembly Drawings

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