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Orban 105C Effect Processor
Model 105C
Category Professional music equipment
Group Effect Processor
Description Reverberation
                                    The Orban/Parasound Reverberation system represents a
significant advance in increasing the performance/cost ratio
of artificial reverberation generators. New concepts in
driving electronics for the Hammond spring delay line have
resulted in the solution of problems typical to even the
highest priced units using this delay system.

The O/P Reverb is available in four models to meet a variety
of customer requirements.

MODEL 105A comes mounted behind a 1.5 x 9" panel, and is
designed to be mounted in mixing consoles using standard
modular strips. It has no internal power supply, and
requires + 15 volts of well-filtered DC at approximately 100 ma.

MODEL 105B is identical to model 105A except that an
internal Power Supply is provided, and the unit is powered
by the 110/220 volt AC line.

MODEL 105C is a 1 3/4" rack mounted version of the system.
It is self-powered from 110/220 volts AC. There is a
provision for the addition of a remote hard limiting
indicator lamp which can be mounted so that it can be easily
seen by the Mixer.

MODEL 105D consists of two model 105C's, mounted on a single
1 3/4" rack panel.

The economy of the O/P reverberation system makes multiple
echo channels economically feasible for many smaller
studios. The 105D provides maximum space economy.

All versions are supplied with a plug-in 4-spring delay line
assembly, which is mounted separately from the electronics.

These manuals are available for the above equipment:

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