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Lexicon 480L Effect Processor
Model 480L
Date 1988
Category Professional music equipment
Group Effect Processor
Description Digital Effects Processor
                                    The Lexicon 480L is the most advanced digital effects system
available. With its unique 18 bit linear A/D and D/A
converters, the 480L produces a dynamic range of 98 dB in
the wet signal path. It is probably the only effects system
available that doesn’t raise the noise floor of a digital
master. And the PCM 1610/1630 compatible digital I/O
interface lets you add true stereo ambience and effects
without leaving the digital domain.

The 480L doesn't just sound better—sheer computational power
allows it to perform multiple audio tasks at the same time.
And what tasks! In the current glut of throwaway digital
devices with ever-cheaper versions of the same sounds, the
480L offers remarkable new effects and reverb sounds.

Its innovative reverb algorithms reflect a more accurate and
natural model of the acoustic and psychoacoustic phenomena
of reverb and ambience. Put the 480L up against any other
reverberator—you'll be amazed at the difference.
Reverb is only part of the story. The 480L produces
astonishing effects you haven't even begun to dream about
yet. And its sampling program offers a variety of useful and
unique features.

The present software is powerful and complex, a dramatic
step forward in digital signal processing technology. Yet it
hasn't explored the limit of the 480L's architecture, which
is itself configured for future hardware expansion.

If you are familiar with the venerable 224XL, you'll feel
right at home with the LARC used to control the 480L.
However, there are enough differences in the way the two
units operate that we strongly suggest that you read this
manual as soon as possible. In it, you'll discover that the
480L's two high speed processors can operate in a variety of
configurations. Samples can be processed with reverb or
effects, all in the digital domain. One 480Lcan serve two
control rooms. Or two 480Ls can be connected through their
digital I/O ports for even wider Creative horizons. The 480L
can even be connected to a 224XL and both units operated
from a single LARC.

These manuals are available for the above equipment:

Manual Type Service Manual Lexicon-9531-Manual-Page-1-Picture
Pages 125
Size 20.06 Mbytes (21035794 Bytes)
Language english
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Manual Type Service Manual Lexicon-9532-Manual-Page-1-Picture
Pages 204
Size 16.38 Mbytes (17180711 Bytes)
Language english
Revision 2
Manual-ID/Number 070-04749
Date 01 August 1988
Quality Scanned document, all readable.
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Safety and Static Electricity Precautions ii

1.	Obtaining Factory Parts and Service	1-1

1.1	Returning Units for Service	1-2

1.2	Ordering Parts	1-2„

2.	Description and Specifications	2-1

2.1	Introduction	2-2

2.2	About the Rear Panel	2-3,,

2.3	About the Front Panel	2-4

2.4	Behind the Front Panel	2-5

2.5	About the Larc	2-6

2.6	Specifications	2-7

3.	Performance Verification and Calibration 3-1

3.1	Performance Verification	3-2.

3.2	Calibration	3-9

4.	Circuit Description	4-1

4.1	Organization	4-2

4.2	High Speed Processor Board	4-2

4.3	Host Processor Board (Rev. 1)	4-7

4.4	Host Processor Board (Rev. 2 and up) 4-16

4.5	Motherboard	4-25

4.6	Power Supply	4-27

4.7	LARC	4-28

4.8	SME Board (Optional)	4-32

5.	Troubleshooting Guide	5-1

5.1	Visual Inspection	5-2

5.2	Shock, Heat, and Cooling Testing	5-2

5.3	Recommended Repairs & Maintenance 5-3

5.4	Engineering Change Orders	5-3

5.5	Diagnostics-Host Rev. 2 and up	5-4

5.6	Diagnostics-Host Rev. 1	5-14

5.7	Problems and Possible Solutions	5-24

5.8	General	5-27

5.9	Letter Codes	5-27
6.	Parts Lists	6-1

6,1 Misc Items	6-2

6.2 Backplane	6-3

6.3	Extender Board Option	6-3

6.4	Chassis/Mechanical	6-3

6.5	Fan Assembly	6-6 ,-v 6.6 Power Transformer Assembly	6-7

6,7 HSP Board Rev. 2	6-7

6.8 HSP Board Rev. 3	6-9

6.9 Interface Adapter Option	6-11

6.10 LARC Display Board	6-12

6.11	LARC Electronics Board	6-12

6.12	LARC. Mechanical	6-15

67 Host Processor Board (Rev. i )	6-25

6.18	Power Supply Board	6-28

6.19	V. 1.23 Software Update Kit	6-30

6.20	V. 2.00 Software Update Kit	6-31
6.21 V. 2.00 SME Option	6-31

7.	Schematics and Assembly Drawings- 7-1

A. Voltage Changeover

and Optional Transformers	A-1

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