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EMI Industrial Electronics Ltd PM28B Power supply
EMI Industrial Electronics Ltd
Model PM28B
Category Measurement instruments
Group Power supply
Description Photomultiplier Power Supply
                                    Designed primarily as a high voltage photomultiplier power
supply with a 15-0-15 volt auxiliary low voltage supply,
adjustable between 5 V and 15 V, for transistor circuitry.
220 mA capability permits operation of most
amplifier/discriminator units.

•	provided with high tension plug and lead pre-wired for
output polarity specified at time of order and mating
connector for the low voltage output facility.

•	instant switch-on without 'spikes' or surges ; ':

•	100 V to 2800 V at 5 mA max.

•	adjustable to within 0.2 V

•	digital dial fine voltage control

•	very low ripple

•	reversible output polarity

•	compact and highly stable

•	option for programming

•	option for 19" rack adaption


The output range provided by this unit is 100 volts to 2800
volts. Any voltage within these limits can be set by means
of a 12 position switch with 200 volt steps and a 3 digit
indicating dial controlling a 5-turn potentiometer giving
0-500 volts above the switch setting.

Polarity is determined by the specially wired connecting
lead provided. This is a convenient and safe method of
permanently determining the polarity applied to a
photomultiplier and obviates the dangers inherent in Other
methods of selecting polarity.

The advanced specification and very economical price have
been achieved by the use of all solid state linear circuit
techniques which develop the
high voltage without the 'spikes' and high frequency noise
usually associated with inverter or saturated core devices.
Excellent line and load regulation has been achieved by
careful design. Ripple is less than 2 mV at full output;
voltage change with temperature is negligible.

A standard feature of the unit is the provision of a low
voltage auxiliary Power supply with adjustable outputs for
use with a wide range of photomultiplier head Amplifier
circuits. The positive and negative auxiliary Power supply
outputs are independently adjustable between 5 V and 15 V
via rear panel pre-set controls. All the power supplies
necessary to operate a photomultiplier light detecting
system have therefore
been conveniently contained in a single unit.


This unit has a wide voltage range sufficient to suit the
majority of photomultiplier tubes from side window types to
fast linear focused structures. Dependent upon individual
dynode chain currents, more tttan one photomultiplier may be
driven from the same supply provided the maximum supply
current is not exceeded.

The unit is designed as a laboratory Power supply and will
find many Other applications where a high voltage, precision
supply is needed.

These manuals are available for the above equipment:

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