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Norlin Music Maestro Fuzz MFZ-271A Effect Processor
Norlin Music
Model Maestro Fuzz MFZ-271A
Category Professional music equipment
Group Effect Processor
Description Disortion pedal
                                    The Maestro Fuzz generates low order harmonic distortion for
guitar, Bass and other electroacoustical music signals. 

Specifications for the Maestro Fuzz include:

Input Impedance........1 megohm

Maximum Recommended

Input Level..........OdBm

Output Impedance......20K ohms (maximum)

Maximum Output Level . . + 5dBm Equivalent Input Noise ... -

Type of Distortion......Low order odd


Power Requirements.....9.0 VDC at

250 microamperes

Recommended Battery

Type...............NEDA 1604

Estimated Battery Life ... 3 months

The Maestro Fuzz, powered by an internal 9 volt battery,
generates low order odd harmonic distortion by using silicon
diodes in the feedback circuit of an operational Amplifier.
Refer to Figure 3 for the schematic diagram.

Either the fuzz mode or straight Guitar is selected by foot
switch SW1. In the fuzz mode, the input signal from AXE jack
J2 is a-c coupled to inverter IC1A, the output of which
feeds DRIVE pot R6. Since the distortion circuit following
R6 is level sensitive, R6 acts as a distortion amount
control. The distortion circuit consists of IC1B, CR2 and
CR3. Diodes CR2 and CR3 in the feedback path of IC1B cause
symmetrical clipping of the input waveform generating the
desired distortion. The distorted signal is a-c coupled to
VOLUME pot R9 which controls the Maestro Fuzz output level.
In the straight mode, SW1 shorts the Maestro Fuzz output to
ground minimizing fuzz circuit bleed-thru and the input
signal is connected directly from AXE jack J2 to AMP jack J1.

These manuals are available for the above equipment:

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This manual provides servicing and parts information for
Maestro Model MFZ-271A

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