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Collins Telecommunications 312B-4 Other
Collins Telecommunications
Model 312B-4
Date 1968
Category Radio, Communication
Group Other
Description Station Control
                                    The 312B-4 and 312B-5 Station Controls, figure 1, contain a
directional coupler and wattmeter, a speaker, a Phone patch,
and appropriate switching circuitry. The same types of
directional coupler and wattmeter, Phone patch, and speaker
are used in both the 312B-4 and 312B-5. In addition, the
312B-5 contains an auxiliary variable frequency Oscillator
to provide separate transmit and receive frequencies when
used with the KW.VI-2 or KWM-2A Transceivers (see table 3).
The wattmeter indicates power levels within the ranges of 0
to 200 or 0 to 2000 watts, forward or reflected. It is
accurate over the range of 2 to 30 MHz, but should not be
used on higher frequencies. The Phone patch includes
circuitry which allows VOX Phone patch operation. It can
also be switched manually if desired. The vfo in the 312B-5
is the same as that used in KWM-2/2A and S-Line equipment.
Switching circuits
are provided to allow operation of KWM-2/2A Transceivers on
different transmit and receive frequencies or
transmit-receive operation on :he same frequency using
either vfo.
Figure 2 shows the location of external connections to the
312B-5. The 312B-4 and 312B-5 are electrically identical
except for the absence of vfo connections in the 312B-4.

These manuals are available for the above equipment:

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