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Brüel & Kjær 2525 Amplifier
Brüel & Kjær
Model 2525
Date 1999
Category Measurement instruments
Group Amplifier
Description Measuring Amplifier
❍ Manual and automated measurements of vibration
❍ General R & D vibration measurements
❍ Test cell monitoring
❍ Production quality control
❍ IEEE–488 and serial interfaces
❍ Charge and
❍ Signal integration for displacement and velocity
❍ Selectable low- and high-pass filters
❍ Possibility for user-defined filters
❍ Connector for external filters
❍ RMS, +peak, –peak, peak-to-peak meter function
with read-out in metric or imperial units
❍ Autorange function on gain
❍ Mounted resonance read-out for transducers
❍ Level monitoring with alarm output
❍ Detector DC output
❍ Wide dynamic range: 100 dB

The Measuring Amplifier Type 2525
is a 1-channel low-noise general-pur-
pose measurement Amplifier with
both charge and DeltaTron inputs.
The Amplifier has a built-in screen
for viewing measurement data as
well as for selecting set-up and meas-
urement parameters (see Fig.1).
Measurement data can be viewed in
three different formats: full-screen
featuring measurement values and a
bar graph, large format digits alone,
and a digits and select options allow-
ing viewing of measurement results
simultaneously with set-up and pa-
rameter adjustment.
The two Interface connections on
the amplifier’s rear panel (see Fig.2)
are for connection via IEEE – 488 or
serial Interface.

These manuals are available for the above equipment:

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Date 01 June 1999
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