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Brüel & Kjær 2231 Level Meter
Brüel & Kjær
Model 2231
Date 1992
Category Measurement instruments
Group Level Meter
Description Modular Precision Sound Level Meter
                                    odular Precision Sound Level Meter Type 2231 is a Type 1
precision instrument in accordance with IEC 651 regulations.
It can perform a wide range of measurements, and can be used
with a variety of modules. The characteristics of the sound
Level Meter depend on the module that you most recently
loaded into it - the module’s Software, transferred to the
sound Level Meter, adapts the instrument to particular
needs. The nature of the measurements that you require will
determine those needs.

In general, when the sound level, meter receives a signal,
it performs several measurements simultaneously (for
example, Peak and EMS detection). Therefore, you can look at
the Peak and RMS values of the same measurement. A very wide
frequency range of 1 Hz to 70kHz allows measurements in the
infrasound and ultrasound regions.

Depending on the module loaded, the sound Level Meter can
perform several special functions, including automatic
print-out of data at the end of preset time periods. These
print-outs can be in any one of six languages. The sound
Level Meter can also communicate with, and be controlled
from, a computer.

The sound Level Meter has three polarization voltages. This
means that you can use almost any Bruel & Kjaer Microphone.
"With Microphone Type 4133 plus extension cable AO 0027, the
sound Level Meter becomes a Type 0 instrument, in accordance
with IEC 651 recommendations.

Features of the Type 2231 Sound Level Meter include:

■	Fulfils IEC 804 Type 1, relevant sections of IEC 651 Type
11, and ANSI SI .4-1983 Type 1.

■	When used with Microphone Type 4133 and Extension Cable

AO 0027, fulfills IEC 804 Type 0 and relevant sections of
IEC 651 Type 0 I.

WH 24 to 113dB(A)* measuring range (30 to 133dB(A)* with
attenuator) in 7 overlapping sub-ranges.

M 73 dB Pulse range; 70 dB RMS Linearity range.

■	RMS and Peak detection in parallel.

■	Internal memory has back-up battery power which prevents
loss of application Software and data when the instrument is
switched off.

These manuals are available for the above equipment:

Manual Type User Manual BruelKJAER-9062-Manual-Page-1-Picture
Pages 140
Size 5.31 Mbytes (5571168 Bytes)
Language english
Date 01 September 1992
Quality Scanned document, all readable.
Upload date
MD5 81cedea7a5518c816900abc1fdd6113a
Downloads 186 since 01 June 2017
1.	Introduction	l

2.	Setting Up the Sound Level Meter	5

3.	Module BZ 7110: User Instructions 19

Functions ... 19

Functions ... 38

Functions ... 66

An Example
Measurement ... 73

Messages ... 79

4.	Use with a Computer	83

5.	Use with Other Equipment	95

6.	Taking care of the 2231	107

7.	Specifications and Ordering Information	109

8.	Appendices	113 Index	131
Front Plate and Pushkey Directory Fold-out

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