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Micronta 22-024 Test Set
Model 22-024
Category Measurement instruments
Group Test Set
Description Transistor Tester
                                    Radio Shack’s new 'Micronta' Transistor Tester is capable of
ckecking a wide range of transistor types, either “in
circuit” or out of circuit. It has been specially designed
to take advantage of the newest concept of dynamic testing
under current Amplifier conditions.

To use, simply plug the transistor to be checked into the
front panel socket, or connect it with the alligator clip
test leads provided. No preliminary set-up is needed The
unit safely and automatically identifies low, medium and
high-power PNP and NPN transistors.

It provides a visual indication of signal output, giving
positive information on the following tests simultaneously :

(A)	Electrode Open Circuits

(B)	Short Circuits

(C)	Current Gain

The visuat indication of the output signal is the result of
dynamic current gain in an actual operating circuit. Further
leakage tests are unnecessary, as the dynamic distribution
of leakage is taken into account in testing.

The ’Micronta’ Transistor Tester also permits matching
similar transistors in actual operating circuits, and
provides a reliable GO/NO-GO test at practical collector
currents (from 5 ma on small signal types to 50 ma and more
on power types). Match similar type transistors by observing
and comparing dial readings; the higher the reading, the
higher the gain.

To determine distributed leakage, note the firing point of
the lamp. The brilliance of the neon lamp gives an
indication of greater or lesser output. An adjustable base
current control allows you to test transistors over a broad
range of current conditions. If operation at increased
current is desired, an additional load resistor may be
inserted in the jacks.

The use of an AC voltmeter or Oscilloscope as an output
indicator will show a measurable output on collector
currents as low as 5 ma. Jacks are provided for use with
these instruments for:

(1)	providing amplitude signal output indications

(2)	making sensitive noise tests

(3)	studying dynamic leakage distribution

(4)	wave form inspection

These manuals are available for the above equipment:

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