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Superior Instruments Co. TV-12 Valve characteristic meter
Superior Instruments Co.
Model TV-12
Date 1955
Category Measurement instruments
Group Valve characteristic meter
Description Trans-Conductance Tube Tester
                                    The Model TV-12 Trans-Conductance Tube Tester was designed
to test tubes under dynamic conditions closely resembling
the operating conditions of the tube. It performs this
function by measuring the plate current of the tube under
test while under the direct influence of an in-phase grid
voltage applied to the tube. (See Page 9 for a detailed
explanation of the unique circuit employed in the Model TV-12)

With its simplified controls, fast-acting roll chart,
self-cleaning lever switches and its English reading
“Replace-Weak-Good” meter, the Model TV-12 will quickly and
efficiently test the ever increasing niimber of tube types
used in Radio, TV etc. for quality, shorts, leakage and
noise. As an extra service, TRANSISTORS may be tested for
quality in a circuit which converts them to their tube

Simplification of switching and controls has enabled us to
present the operating instructions in a simple, easy to
understand style. On the following pages, we have
illustrated procedures wherever possible. We suggest you
study the data and the instrument panel before you attempt
to use the instrument. The 10 minutes spent in doing so will
be well invested for if you acquire a proper understanding
of how this instrument operates, it will become your most
frequently used piece of test equipment.

Like all better types of tube testers, the Model TV-12
provides the means of making the three basic tube tests.

1.	Tests for shorts and leakages

2.	Tests for quality (Good-Weak-Bad)

3.	Tests for noise

An additional tube characteristic, mutual conductance, while
not necessary for ordinary servicing work, can be computed
from data supplied by the Model TV-12. (See Page 10)

It is always best to proceed with the short and leakage test
first and then follow through with the quality test. It is
advisable to do so because a “shorted” tube would be
identified as such when making the short and leakage test.
If such a tube were tested for quality first, it could
possibly damage the sensitive meter beyond repair.

These manuals are available for the above equipment:

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Language english
Date 01 January 1955
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Date 01 January 1955
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