Equipment information

Philips PM 6668 Frequency counter
Model PM 6668
Date 1987
Category Measurement instruments
Group Frequency counter
                                    The PM 6667 and PM 6668 are microcomputer based frequency
counters, spanning a frequency range of 10 Hz ... 120 MHz
(PM 6667) and 10 Hz ... 1 GHz (PM 6668).
The use of the microcomputer allows a new approach in
frequency measurements, that eliminates the traditional ±1
cycle error. By making a multiple period measurement and
computing the reciprocal value, these counters perform high
resolution frequency measurements on low frequency signals.
Another microcomputer feature in these counters is the
automatic range selection. The measuring result is always
displayed with maximum resolution without overflow and with
proper indication of Hz, kHz, MHz and decimal point.
There is choice between two measurement rates; NORMAL
with 7-digits resolution every second or FAST with 6 or 7-
digits resolution every 200 ms. The fast mode is used for
measuring changing frequencies as with tuning.
The following options are available: a more stable time base
version with TCXO (/02 version), a rechargeable battery unit
PM 9601 that can be mounted inside the counter, an impact
resistant (ABS) protective carrying case PM 9602 and a 19"
rack/panel mount adapter PM 9603.
The 7-digit liquid crystal (LCD) display contains also the
unit and decimal-point indicators.
After you switch on the counter, a self test is executed.
Should an error be detected, it is shown on the display by a
diagnostic code.

These manuals are available for the above equipment:

Manual Type User Manual Philips-8640-Manual-Page-1-Picture
Pages 47
Size 73.57 Mbytes (77145615 Bytes)
Language english
Revision Second Edition
Manual-ID/Number 9499 463 01617
Date 01 January 1987
Quality Electronic document, no scan, very well readable.
Upload date
MD5 254f5c0b156404b40f9d1c6a3b49dfd9
Downloads 769 since 29 January 2017

Manual Type Service Manual Philips-8654-Manual-Page-1-Picture
Pages 74
Size 3.44 Mbytes (3604700 Bytes)
Language english, german, french, italian, dutch
Revision second edition
Manual-ID/Number 9499 463 01617
Date 15 February 1986
Quality Scanned document, all readable.
Upload date
MD5 2182ae6ef40660ce370719f767949657
Downloads 505 since 30 January 2017
Operating manual 2
Gebrauchsanleitung 8
Notice d’emploi 14
Bruksanvisning 20
Istruzioni per I’uso 26
Gebruiksaanwijzing 32
Service manual 40
Appendix, PM 9601 63

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