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General Radio Company 869-A Generator
General Radio Company
Model 869-A
Category Measurement instruments
Group Generator
Description Pulse Generator
                                    The Type 869-A Pulse Generator is an instrument for
producing d-c pulses, of either positive or negative
polarity. The length of the pulse may be set to any value
between 0.3 and 70 microseconds, and the amplitude is
adjustable by means of a panel control. Several output
impedances are available, selection being made by a panel
A complete synchronizing circuit is provided, to enable the
repetition rate to be controlled directly from any a-c
source of from 5 to 25 volts, and 20 to ,4000 cycles
frequency. A synchronizing signal is available at the panel
for controlling the sweep circuit of an oscillograph.
The instrument may be operated from any 115- or 230-volt,
50-60 cycle line. It is completely shielded against r-f
leakage, and may be used to modulate standara-signal
generators with output voltage levels as low as one microvolt.

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