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Data Precision 8200 Calibrator
Data Precision
Model 8200
Date 1981
Category Measurement instruments
Group Calibrator
Description 6 1/2 - Digit Voltage & Current CALIBRATOR
                                    The Data Precison Mode! 8200 Calibrator is a precision 6
Vi-digit (1,048,575 counts), microcomputer-controlled,
voltage and current standard, providing a completely
isolated analog signal from O.tyV to 100V (or up to 1000V
with the 1KV option), or 1^A to 100mA, tor the test and
calibration of high-precision analog circuits. When enhanced
with the optional IEEE488 bus interface, the Model 8200 may
be remotely programmed as a voltage or current standard for
ATE applications. The Model 8200 is configured in a standard
3V?-inch high, 19-inch wide metal case, suitable for rack
mounting (with the rack mounting option, A6. Its light
weight of less than 17 pounds, and its universal powering
capability (115 or 230Vac) make the Model 8200 a convenient,
portable standard for use in a variety of test/inspection


The Model 8200 provides three selectable full scale ranges
for dc voltage generation (100mV, 10V, and 100V) and one
range scale for dc current generation (100mA). Polarity for
each is independently selected by front-panel control, while
the decimal point is positioned automatically in the 6Vz
-decade display. A field-installable 1KV option provides an
extended range up to 1000V.

Accuracy of the analog voltage output is within 10ppm of the
reading + 1ppm of the full scale range. Accuracy of the
current output is within 0.01% of the reading + VA.

High speed settling is compatible with the designed use of
the Model 8200 as part of a computer-controlled ATE system.
Output values settle from one level to the other in the same
range within 1ms, and within 15ms when a range change has
been made.

Stable outputs are designed for Song periods of unattended
use. Long-term drift of less than 10ppm may be expected over
60 days. Temperature coefficients over an operating range
from 15°C to 35CC introduce 1ppm/°C of reading + 0.2ppm of
full scale range on the 10V scale, and 2ppm/°C of reading +
0.2ppm of full scale range on either 100mV or 100V ranges.
The dc current temperature coefficient is 10ppm of reading
and 2ppm of range.
Front-panel controls and the display operate in a “full
duplex” mode. That is, the operator indicates his desired
change in output to the microcomputer, while the display is
controlled directly by the microcomputer, after the change
in value has been verified to be a valid one and then
transmitted by the microcomputer to the display.

Front-panel setup of varying output magnitudes is designed
for optimum human-engineered convenience. Each of the 6
decade selectors at the front panel may be operated in
either clockwise or counterclockwise (increment or decrement
action) without limit so that the output value may be
changed by the selected incremental resolution without
having to change decade selectors . The instrument performs
full carry or full borrow to or from higher decades to the
limits of the selected full scale range.

Fail-safe operating modes protect the tested components from
inadvertent high signals. The Model 8200 returns to 0 when a
change in polarity is commanded, or when a range scale is

Remote programming is field installable. The IEEE488 bus
Interface assembly may be installed within the Model 8200
chassis as a user-installable procedure. The assembly is
plug-connected within the Calibrator, and the programming
has been installed for the remote operation.

These manuals are available for the above equipment:

Manual Type Service and User Manual Dataprecision-8214-Manual-Page-1-Picture
Pages 10
Size 452.68 Kbytes (463548 Bytes)
Language english
Revision First Edition
Manual-ID/Number 62-5018
Date 01 January 1981
Quality Scanned document, reading partly badly, partly not readable.
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Manual Type Service Manual Dataprecision-8215-Manual-Page-1-Picture
Pages 49
Size 25.15 Mbytes (26372830 Bytes)
Language english
Revision First Edition
Manual-ID/Number 62-5018
Date 01 January 1981
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1.1	General Description

1.2	Features
1.3	Installation

1.4	Powering the 8200


2.1	Specifications

2.1.1	Voltage Mode

2.1.2	Current Mode

2.1.3	Voltage/Current Mode Performance

2.1.4	Options

2.1.5	IEEE488 Option

2.2	Operation

2.2.1	Front Panel Features

2.2.2	Rear Panel Features

2.3	Operating Procedures

2.3.1	Powering the Calibrator	Power Up/Shut Down

2.3.2	Application Setups

2.3.3	Local Control

2.3.4	Shut Down Procedures

2.4	Remote Control

2.4.1	IEEE488 Setup

2.4.2	Procedure

2.4.3	Returning to Local Control


3.1	System Block Diagram

3.2	Program Control

3.2.1	General

3.2.2	Program Subroutines

3.2.3	Port Addresses

3.2.4	RAM Storage

3.3	Generating the Calibrator Output

3.3.1	Implementation Sequence

3.3.2	Generating the "Octade” States

3.3.3	Binary-to-Octal Conversion

3.3.4	Scaled Voltage Output, Plus and Minus

3.3.5	Generating a Current Output


3.4.1	Program Control

3.4.2	Hardware Implementation to Detect Switch Changes

3.4.3	Transferring Binary Values to The D/A Converter
3.5	Display

3.6	Digital Control Implementation

3.7	Power Supplies

3.7.1	Main Power

3.7.2	Digital Control Power

3.7.3	Isolated Analog Circuit Power

4.1	General

4.2	Field Recalibration

4.2.1	Test Equipment Required

4.2.2	Obtaining Access to the Adjustments

4.2.3	Field Recalibration Procedure

4.3	Complete Recalibration (Metrology Standards)

4.3.1	Equipment Required

4.3.2	Test Setup and Preliminary Operations

4.3.3	Offset Adjustment

4.3.4	Linearization Adjustments

4.3.5	Carry Adjustment

4.3.6	Final Calibration

4.4	Maintenance

4.4.1	General

4.4.2	Troubleshooting Strategy

4.4.3	Power Supply Checks

4.5	Power Supply Assembly Checks

4.6	Power and Timing Checks

4.7	Digital Control Board Maintenance

4.8	D/A Converter Board Maintenance


5.1	Model 8200 Calibrator Assemblies

5.2	Parts Lists

5.2.1	Ordering Requirements

5.2.2	Display Assembly

5.2.3	20-Bit D/A Assembly

5.2.4	Digital PCB Assembly

5.2.5	Switch Card Assembly

5.2.6	Rear Panel Assemblies

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