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Fluke 8025A Digital multimeter
Model 8025A
Date 1984
Category Measurement instruments
Group Digital multimeter
Description Multimeter
                                    The 8025A is a rugged, water and chemical-resistant
multimeter suitable for use in harsh industrial and military
environments. It was designed for MIL-T-28800 Type II, Class
2, Style A instrument applications.
The Model 8025A combines the performance and accuracy of a
digital meter with the speed and dynamic measurement
capability of an analog meter. The 3200-count, digital
display offers better resolution than a conventional 3-1/2
digit, 2000-count display, and the 31-segment analog bar-
graph display provides quick and easy dynamic measurement
indications, in addition, a unique Software
Touch-Hold mode allows you to watch the probes and the
circuit during critical measurements. TheTouch-Hold mode
locks the measurement into the display for viewing and
automatically updates the display when anew measurement is
taken. Model 8025A features include:
* 3200-Count Digital Display: Provides improved accuracy and
resolution over a conventional 2000- count (3-1/2 digit) DMM.
• 31-Segment Analog Bar Graph Display: Allows quicker,
easier dynamic measurements: capacitor checking, peaking,
nuiling, zero adjustments, etc. Analog bar graph updates 10
times faster than the digital display.
» Fast Autoranging: Simplifies and speeds meter use.
Automatically selects proper measurement range. Manual range
can be selected.
• Audible Continuity/Diode Test: Wiring, diode, and
transistor tests can be performed quickly without viewing
the display.
φ Software Touch Hold: Using standard test ieads, the 8025A
captures a measurement, beeps, locks the measurement in the
display for viewing, then automaticaliy updates when a new
measurement is taken. This feature allows the user to watch
the probes and circuit when necessary, then look at the
display after the measurement is complete.
® Rugged, Sealed Construction: The case is sealed to resist
water, dirt, and contaminants.
» Safety Features: Extensive overload protection, high
energy fuses for all current ranges, non-metallic case and
bail, recessed input jacks, safety-designed test leads, and
no fuses to replace for voltage and resistance overloads.
» Battery Life: Typically over 1000 hours
• Low Power Resistance Measurement: Allows in-circuit
resistance measurements without turning on diodes or

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Date 16 July 1984
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