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Electronic Navigation Industries 630L Amplifier
Electronic Navigation Industries
Model 630L
Date 1994
Category Radio, Communication
Group Amplifier
Description Broadband RF Amplifier
                                    The 630L broadband RF power ampiifier system is a rugged
source of RF power for automated test systems, broadband
communications testing, communication work and general
laboratory use. With Class A iinearity, automatic level
control, exceptional meter accuracy and standard IEEE
interface, the 630L redefines the state-of-the-art for a
full featured, solid-state UHF Amplifier.
The 630L produces 30W of linear RF power output over an
instantaneous frequency range of 400 to 1000MHz. Small
signal gain is rated at 51 dB nominal with ±2.0dB maximum
flatness in the ALC (Automatic Level Control) OFF' mode. In
the ALC ON’ mode, power output level is controlled by the
front panel power adjust knob or the remote interface over a
30dB range. The internal ALC loop can be AM and pulse
modulated through the front pane! modulation input port.
The Amplifier will withstand a +13dBm RF input signal
(1Vrms) and is fully protected against RF input overdrive,
out-of-band operation, output load VSWR and overtemperature.
Load VSWR protection folds back the forward power above
3.0:1 VSWR without causing a power cutoff. The 630L
amplifies the inputs of CW, AM, Pulse, FM and phase signals
with -20dBc minimum harmonic distortion and provides
unconditional RF stability within the specified performance
The amplifier's automatic level control (ALC), operating
through a servo loop feedback system, maintains RF power
output flatness with an accuracy of ±0.3dB. For easy link-up
to ATE (Automatic Testing Equipment) components the 630L is
equipped with a standard IEEE 488.2 interface for remote
computer control.
A μΡ (micro-processor) controlled alphanumeric vacuum
fluorescent display clearly indicates forward, reflected and
set power in Watts or dBm with a resolution of ±1W or 0.1
dB. Bright LEDs on the front panel indicate operating
parameters such as ALC On/Off, RF On/Off, Modulation On/Off,
Watts/dBm, Remote Enable, and Fault Reset.
The 630L is a forced-air cooled system (front panel in, rear
panel out) and the integral Power Supply are conservatively
rated to permit operation over a wide range of temperature
and AC line conditions. For testing applications the 630L
incorporates RFI shielding to restrict RF emissions from the
The amplifier's modular, solid-state design facilitates
maintenance and service. Although packaged for bench
mounting, the unit may be rack mounted with the optional
rack-mounting brackets.
The 630L Broadband Power Amplifier is backed by ENI's
one-year warranty and worldwide network of service and
technical support. Rugged, compact and reliable, the 630L
provides the ultimate in flexibility and versatility for
broadband testing and general laboratory use.

These manuals are available for the above equipment:

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Date 1994
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