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Henry Radio 3K Classic Mark II Amplifier
Henry Radio
Model 3K Classic Mark II
Category Radio, Communication
Group Amplifier
Description Linear Amplifier
                                    The 3K Classic Mark II, 3K Classic X Mark II, and the 5K
Classic are a family of high quality, console model,
one-stage linear RF amplifiers designed around the rugged
and economical Eimac 3CX1200A7 ceramic triode. All three
models employ a grounded grid circuit to insure simplicity
of design and years of reliable operation. The amplifiers
are completely self contained and use only the highest
quality RF and DC components available today.
The 3K Classic Mark II uses a single tube offering about 13
dB of gain (the output is about 20 times the drive power)
making it drive easily with lower power solid-state
exciters. This model uses a moderate duty Power Supply for
operation in the United States. FCC regulations require that
units supplied in the United States can not operate on the
28 MHz band.
The 3K Classic X Mark II is an export, military, or
industrial version of the 3K Classic Mark II. This model
mates a heavy duty Power Supply with the 3K Classic RF deck
to offer a high gain Amplifier with the reliability of an
industrial type Power Supply.
The 5K Classic uses two 3CX1200A7 in conjunction with a
special high voltage, heavy duty Power Supply for a minimum
of 3500 watts PEP output in military or commercial
applications. This Amplifier is available for sale only to
military, export, or industrial users.
These are a family of amplifiers because they are all
designed around the same basic RF deck design which employs
a unique rotary tank inductor not found in any other line of
production amplifiers. All the models can be used for SSB,
CW, RTTY, or AM operation on any frequency between 3.5 and
30 MHz (subject to United States restrictions on 28 MHz).

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