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Precision Electronics 202 Signal Analyzer
Precision Electronics
Model 202
Category Measurement instruments
Group Signal Analyzer
Description Signal Tracer
                                    New all purpose signal tracer for speedy service of Radio,
TV, Audio and Electronic H^uipment, Checfeall stages from
antenna to speaker or picture tubfc..

Tests iriisrophones, pickups^ transformers, speakers,
resistors, condensers etc.

Quickly locates intermitt^nts, open circuits, hum, noise and
distorted stages*.

Both visual and aural tracing through the supersensitive
indicator eye and built-in £ inch speaker,

RF Probe contains amplifier-detector tube for extremely high
gain and frequents» response to 300; KC,.

Audio channel has a three stage- pre-amplifier- fsatyrieg-
cascode- -cir-cui-t plus overall feedback,

Pre~araplifif3r channel is .flat from 2 CPS to 300,000 CPS
:to indicator eye or scope 'output,•

Three position attenuator provides accurate stage to stage
gain measurements. Gain control adjusts indicator eye and
speaker sensitivity only.

Speaker can. be shut off by voice coil switch.

Four position Selector Switch for selecting:

(l) RF Probe (2) Audio Probe (3) Special noise test with
applied break down voltage (it) Wattmeter circuit for
checking power consumption of set-under-test»'

Substitution test speaker and output transformer permits
direct connection to voice .ccdl -or output transformer by
means of binding posts on front panel.

Plug-In type RF Probe and Audio Probe,


6ABU RF Amplifier^Detector (Inside Probe)

12AX7 Dual triode, 1st pre-amplifier stage, cascode connected

12AX7 Dual triode, 2nd & 3rd pre-amplifier stages

6V6GT Beam power, output pentode

6XU Full wave rectifier

6E£ Indicator Eye■

6AL5 Indicator Recifier

For use on 110-120 volts 60 cycles (off-on switch on back of
watt. control)

Signal Tracer Applications


For use as a wattmeter, first set the Selector Switch to
"watts'* position. Since the Amplifier section of this
instrument is not required, reduce the

These manuals are available for the above equipment:

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