Equipment information

Wavetek 1801B Generator
Model 1801B
Category Measurement instruments
Group Generator
Description VH F/UHF Sweep/Signal Generator
                                    • 1 to 500 MHz and 450 to 950 MHz
• Calibrated Output (+ 57 to - 33 dBmV)
• Excellent Flatness and Linearity
• Complete Crystal Marker System
• Features for CATV Applications

1 to 950 MHz Frequency Range
The solid state Model 1801B Sweep/ Signal Generator provides
features and options ideally suited for the manufacturer of
TV and CATV equipment and for the installers and operators
of CATV systems.
The optional 450 to 950 MHz range adequately covers the
bands of the future.
Calibrated Output
The ultra flat (±0.25 dB, 1 to 500 MHz) 75Ω output system is
calibrated from +57 to -33dBmV. A three position front panel
level switch permits the output level to be increased or
decreased by an identical fixed amount (internally
adjustable to provide changes ranging from ±0.05 to ±0.5
dB). This feature
aids in flatness measurements by providing an accurate,
rapid calibration reference which is unaffected by the
return loss of the test device or system. A dc block on the
RF output prevents accidental equipment damage.
Marker System
The crystal controlled birdy marker system may be used to
modulate (blank) the RF output so both sweep and markers are
on a single cable. This is very useful for an accurate
frequency indication when sweeping long lines or cable systems.
Sweep Rate Versatility
The Model 1801B will sweep at line frequency or as slow as 1
sweep in 100 seconds. In addition, a special sweep rate
position provides a variable
1 to 10 ms sweep that repeats every 1 to 10 seconds. This is
ideal for simultaneous sweep testing of operating cable
systems with minimum subscriber interference. The Model
1801B may be used with any available sweep receiver.
Special CATV Feature
The Model 1801B can operate in conjunction with the Model
1075 or 1076 Comparator-Attenuator. When the Model 1075 is
plugged into the Model 1801B, the PIN diode attenuator is
time shared with the equalization, tilt and 0.1 dB
attenuator by the comparator. The Model 1801B will accept
the tilt, notch filter and pulse marker options that are
very desirable in most CATV test applications.

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