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Wavetek 1801A Generator
Model 1801A
Category Measurement instruments
Group Generator
                                    The Wavetek Model 1801A Sweep/Signal Generator provides
features and options ideally suited for the manufacturer,
installers, and operators of CATV systems.
The frequency range of from 1 to 500 MHz, or,with the high
band, of from 1 to 950 MHz, adequately covers the frequency
bands now being used as well as those of „the future. The
instrument will sweep each band in It's entirety, or sweep
width may be continuously reduced to CW operation.
The Ultra flat 75 ohm output system ' is calibrated from
+57dBmV to -33 dBmV* 20dB of the total attenuation is a
continously variable electronic attenuator diode). A three
position reference switch, in parallel with this attenuator,
will increase or decrease the output by +0.5dB. (An internal
calibration allows the reference to be set at any level fro^
+0dB to +0.5dB). This greatly aids in flatness measurements
by providing an accurate rapid calibration
Other features include Built-In RF Detector, External
Leveling Circuitry, and a complete Crystal-Controlled Birdy
Marker System which may be used to internally modulate the
RF signal. A selection of marker widths for wide band or
narrow band operation is also provided.
The instrument will sweep at Line frequency, 60 Hz, or as
slow as 1 sweep in 100 seconds. A special sweep rate
position facilitates faster testing of operating CATV
systems with minimum subscriber interference. The sweep time
of this position is adjustable from 1 to 10 milliseconds and
the repetition rate is adjustable from 1 to 10 seconds.
The Model 1801A uses modular construction for ease of
maintenance and modifications. All standard options , can be
either factory or field installed.
The small, compact, all solid-state instrument is 5-1/4" X
8" X 13” and weighs only 20 pounds.

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