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Sencore FS134 Level Meter
Model FS134
Date 1972
Category Measurement instruments
Group Level Meter
Description Field Strenght Meter
                                    The Sencore FS134 Field Strength Meter is a completely solid
state portable
instrument designed to identify and measure the frequency
and signal strength of
FM stations and all VHF and UHF TV stations. Because of the
increase in popularity
of "FM Stereocasting" and the UHF boom, it was realized that
a great need
for this type of instrument existed. Sencore engineers did
considerable research
to develop a Field Strength Meter which is rugged,
lightweight, portable and accurate
and yet has that "Professional" appearance.
Listed below are some of the Special Features of the Sencore
FS134 Field
Strength Meter.
1. Completely solid state construction provides the utmost
in portability, lightweight
compactness and battery power economy.
2. Printed circuit construction on unbreakable board
material gives dependability
and long life.
3. Completely battery operated for field use. Uses standard
"C" cells available
anywhere. Provisions have been made for installation of a
battery charger accessory.
4. Choice of 75 ohm or 300 ohm input from the front panel.
5. Uses most popular type 75 ohm input jack for direct
connection to antenna distribution
systems, thereby eliminating messy adapters, which can
introduce additional
SWR losses.
6. Has built-in matching transformer for 300 ohm input. 300
ohm input terminals
are of the thumb nut type for complete versatility of any
twin lead termination.
7. Built-in 20db (X10) and 40db (X100) attenuators provide
control of high level input
signals, especially those signals encountered in
distribution systems. The
attenuators can be used with the 75 ohm or 300 ohm input.
8. Separate VHF and UHF tuners are provided for miximum
stability and minimum
9. Three stage 42.8 MC high gain IF system controlled by
amplified AGC stages
gives stability and good control of both weak and strong
input signals.
10. Large four inch meter allows operator to read signal
strength from several
feet away.
11. Extended logarithmic microvolt range from 30 to 30,000
microvolts permits
antennas to be installed without constantly changing the
sensitivity range of the meter.
12. Built-in, 3 1/2 inch speaker, with six transistor audio
system to drive it, is
essential when monitoring FM and TV audio signals.

These manuals are available for the above equipment:

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Pages 33
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Language english
Manual-ID/Number 888
Date 22 November 1972
Quality Scanned document, all readable.
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