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Technics - SL-3300 - Turntable
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Features TNRC Base Material Stops Acoustic Feedback If you have ever experienced howling—caused by acoustic feedback—you know it is the last thing you want your turntable to do. But with our original TNRC* base material, it is the last thing you’ll have to worry about, even at high volume levels. This unique anti-resonant material is high-molecular compound made by mixing inorganic compounds and special materials. Compared with ordinary plastic resins or particle board, TNRC exhibits strikingly superior resonance attenuation characteristics and low amplitude of the vibration as well as excellent attenuation to the vibration of the base. *TNRC .... Technics Non-Resonance Compound. Ultra-Low-Speed Direct Drive Motor The direct-drive of this unit eliminates the belts, wheels, and other drive elements required by conventional systems. These same belts and so on are notorious sources of vibration, resonance, and cyclical variations in speed. With only one moving part, the D.D. system does away with these sources of disturbance, to provide superbly smooth, constant platter rotation. Integral Rotor-Platter Structure To further simplify the turntable design, the platter and rotor are formed into a single, continuous unit. By eliminating a linkage point, this prevents the potentially disturbing effects of looseness or maladjustment between platter and rotor. All Front-Panel Controls The advancement to complete front-panel control marks a big step forward in turntable operation, not only because of the greater convenience, but also because of the greater protection from dust, as the dust cover can stay closed. Tonearm Cueing Controlled from Front Panel The tonearm is raised and lowered softly by a viscous-damped cueing lifter. Even with the dust cover closed, a cueing can be easily performed as the control is located on the front panel. Fully-Automatic Operation All operations in the SL-3300 are completely automatic, yet mechanical movements are accurate and si lent. Full protection to records and stylus tip is assured. With the memo-repeat feature, favorite records may be repeated up to six times, or indefinitely. Highly Sensitive Gimbal Suspension System With the high-precision -pivot bearings employed for the horizontal and vertical journals of the tonearm, in concert with the adoption of the gimbal suspension system, a high-sensitivity arm of less than 7 mg friction has been attained, thus making it possible to fully realize the performance of high-compliance cartridges. Independent Pitch Controls Permits record speed (at both 33-1/3 and 45 rpm) to be varied by up to 10%. Precision Strobe illuminator/Pilot Lamp With the built-in strobe illuminator/pilot lamp, accurate speed adjustments can be made rapidly and easily. Anti-Skating Force Mechanism The well-designed anti-skating force mechanism ensures minimum side thrust with different cartridges and guarantees accurate center-of-the-groove tracking.

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