Model Date Group Description
9R-59DS ReceiverAll Band Communication Receiver
AT-120 April 1979TunerAntenna Tuner
AT-130 TransceiverHF SSB Transceiver
AT-180 April 1984TransceiverHF SSB Transceiver
AT-230 October 1981TransceiverHF SSB Transceiver
AT-250 AntennaAutomatic Antenna Tuner
AT-300 January 1991TunerAutomatic Antenna Tuner
AT-440 February 1986TransceiverHF TRANSCEIVER
AT-50 December 1993TunerAutomatic Antenna Tuner
AT-940 TransceiverHF Transceiver
Basic C2 1984AmplifierStereo Control Amplifier
BASIC M2 AmplifierStereo Power Amplifier
BASIC M2A AmplifierStereo Power Amplifier
CS-1554 01 January 1972OscilloscopeDual-Trace Synchroscope
CS-1559 OscilloscopeHigh Stability Oscilloscope
CS-1560A Oscilloscope15MHz Oscilloscope
CS-1562 OscilloscopeHigh Stability Dual Trace Oscilloscope
CS-4025 Oscilloscope20MHz Oscilloscope
CS-5130 Oscilloscope40MHz Readout Oscilloscope
CS-6010 Oscilloscope100MHz Readout Oscilloscope
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