Technics SX-KN5000 Keyboard
PCM Keyboard
DEMO Pre-recorded performances are used to demonstrate the individual appeal of the rhythms, sounds and other features. MANUAL SEQUENCE PADS Add various phrases to your performance with the pad buttons. RHYTHM GROUP Various rhythm patterns are available for each rhythm group. Other rhythm controls are START/STOP, SYNCHRO & BREAK, INTRO & ENDING 1 and 2, COUNT INTRO and FILL IN 1 and 2. The volume is adjusted with the DRUMS balance buttons below the display. COMPOSER Create original rhythm patterns, either in realtime or with the step record method, or modify preset rhythms. Store up to 12 new rhythms in the reserved memory locations and recall them as you play, just like the preset rhythms. MUSIC STYLE ARRANGER A tap of a button during your performance changes the rhythm and sounds to a simpler or flashier arrangement to match the feeling of the music. @ AUTO PLAY CHORD An automatic accompaniment appropriate for the selected rhythm is produced when you play a chord. MEMORY allows you to continue the accompaniment even after the chord keys are released. The volume for each part of the AUTO PLAY CHORD ( DRUMS, Bass, ACCOMP 1, 2, 3 ) is adjusted with the respective balance buttons below the display. O ONE TOUCH PLAY Select a rhythm and press the ONE TOUCH PLAY button until the panel settings change. The sounds and effects perfect for the selected rhythm are automatically set in seconds. Or press the ONE TOUCH PLAY button briefly to access the MUSIC STYLIST display. Choose one of the many music styles and the appropriate sounds, effects and even rhythm are set instantly. ® FADE IN/OUT Begin your song with a slowly increasing volume, or end it by having the sound slowly fade away. ® DISPLAY (LCD screen) Display performance information, function settings and other messages. • Use the CONTRAST slider to adjust the display so that it is easy to read. © TRANSPOSE C is the standard setting, but you can raise or lower the key of the entire instrument with these two buttons. The transposed key is shown on the normal performance display. © EFFECT Add various effects to the sounds. © CONDUCTOR These buttons allow you to assign a different sound to each part, and then assign the desired part to the entire Keyboard, assign a different part to each section of the Keyboard, or mix parts. When the Keyboard is divided into sections, change the dividing point with the SPLIT POINT button. © TECHNI-CHORD Chord notes played on the left section of the Keyboard are added to melody notes played on the right section. Choose from four harmonic styles. © SOUND GROUP Various sounds are available for each sound group. © SEQUENCER With this feature you can separately play and record the parts for an entire song. Then have the whole ensemble performance played back automatically. This is a true 16-track sequencer, with full realtime recording, step recording and editing features. © SOUND This button is used for making the various sound, volume and effect settings for each part, as well as tuning and TECHNI-CHORD type etc., by reading the display. © CONTROL The settable functions in this mode include initialization, foot switch function- assignment, display preferences, etc. © PANEL MEMORY Set up the sounds and effects, and then store them in these 80 memories (10 BANKS x 8 memory locations) buttons for instant recall as you play. You can expand the range of storable settings to include the rhythm selection, tempo setting and more. © PITCH BEND This wheel is moved up or down with your hand to create a continuous change in pitch. The wheel returns to the center position automatically when it is released. © MODULATION Add vibrato to the sound by turning the wheel upwards. Disk Drive This Disk Drive allows you to store SEQUENCER performances and other data on 3.5-in. 2DD/2HD memory disk.


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