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Whirlpool ADG 1900 Geschirrspüler
Modell: ADG 1900
Datum: 2003
Kategorie: Haushaltselektronik
Gruppe: Geschirrspüler
Beschreibung: Dishwasher integratable
Height 40.7 cm
Width 59.5 cm
Depth 57.0 cm
Drawer Open (incl cab 108.0 cm
Net Weight 30.5 kg
Electronic boards
Control Board see Spare part list
Succession of programs
Succession Pre-Wash, cold
Delicate 45°C
Delicate 50°C
Rapid 45°C
Rapid 55°C
Normal 65°C
Intensive 60°C
Intensive 70°C
Datas Energy Label
Reference program Bio/Normal50°C
Energy Performance B
Cleaning Performance C
Drying Performance B
Refill rinse aid
Refill salt
Water leakage
Water tap closed
Eco Button
Delay function with count down (1 to 12 hours)
Option Adjustment Mode
On an Integrated DishDrawer where there is no
display but you can tell which option you have
chosen by the lights showing on the integrated
badge as follows:
Rinse Aid Setup (red light above Start/
Pause button)
Auto Power Option (orange light above
Start/Pause button)
End of Cycle Beeps (green light above Start/
Pause and red light
above Keylock button)
Closed Drawer Option (red light above Start/
Pause and Keylock
Water Softener Setting (green light above Start/
red lights shown the
Status/Look for setting/
above Power button)
Push Power at any time to exit this setup mode.
See also in Text/Legend.
Program information
End - Acoustic signal (beep six times)
Opening the Dishwasher will automatically power
up for 30 sec. To end the wash programme in mid
cycle, press the Power button. Any water in the
Dishwasher will be pumped out.
Detergent Dispenser
Detergent diverter valve
Voltage 24 V (dc)
Resistance 70 W ± 5
Dosage Detergent in two chambers
Main Wash 10, 20, 30 g
Pre Wash 5, 10 g
Rinse aid Dispenser
Rinse aid pump
Voltage 24 V (dc)
Resistance 70 W ± 5
Dosage Rinse aid 50 ml
Number of cycles ~ 25
Water pressure
Inlet pressure 0.3 - 10 bar
Electrical base data
Voltage 220 - 240 V
Frequency 50 Hz
Total power 1.08 kW
Fuse 4.5 A

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