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Wavetek 182A Generator
Modell: 182A
Datum: 1982
Kategorie: Messgeräte
Gruppe: Generator
Beschreibung: 4 MHz function generator
                                    THE MODEL 182A

Wavetek Model 182A Four MHz Function Generator is a
precision source of sine, triangle and square waveforms plus
dc voltage. All are front panel variable from
0,004 Hz to 4 MHz and can be externally modulated or swept
over a 1000:1 range. Output can be continuous or the
Generator can be triggered or gated by an external signal or
a front panel switch. Amplitude of the waveforms is variable
from 10V peak-to-peak into 500 down to 30 mV p-p. DC
reference of the waveforms can be offset positively or

The main waveform output is 20V peak-to-peak maximum and can
be varied over a 30 dB range. A second waveform at 2V
peak-to-peak maximum (20 dB attenuation) and a TTL level
square at Generator frequency are auxiliary outputs. Inputs
are provided for external voltage controlled Generator
frequency (VCG) and for triggering and gating the Generator.

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